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Psychology Minors

Requirements for the Minor

Welcome to the Psychology Minor at Tulane University. You are joining a large and diverse group of students.  Between 60 and 75 Tulane students annually graduate with a minor in Psychology, making it one of the most popular minors at the university.

A minor in Psychology requires five courses and a minimum of 15 hours. These courses must include an introductory level course (i.e., PSYC 1000). In addition, students must take ONE course in at least THREE of the following clusters: (1) Biological Psychology, (2) Developmental Psychology, (3) Cultural, Personality, and Social Psychology, and (4) Clinical Applications and Assessment. Finally, students must also take one elective course above the 3000 level. A grade-point average of 2.0 or higher is required in courses applied to the minor. All courses applied to the minor must be taken for a letter grade, not S/U.

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Psychology minors who major in Neuroscience need to recognize that several PSYC courses are required by NSCI and that many others are crosslisted. Consequently, the PSYC minor for NSCI majors requires PSYC 1000, and four additional elective courses in Psychology which do not overlap with course requirements in Neuroscience and are not cross-listed as PSYC/NSCI.

To declare a minor in Psychology, please leave the completed form at the Psychology Office, room 2007 Stern. If you have any additional questions about the minor, please ask your assigned Psychology advisor, or Dr. Laurie O'Brien, Chair of Undergraduate Studies. All psychology faculty can be reached by calling the department at (504) 865-5331.