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Program Costs

The costs per student for the current first year cohort include full time tuition $47,658; all students admitted to the program receive a tuition waiver and do not incur tuition costs.  Tuition fees per credit hour for part time students is $2,648; students are not admitted to the program on a part-time basis.  Students must pay annual fees in the amount of $1,340, which covers academic support services, student activity fees, and membership at the Reily Student Recreational Center. Students are required to have medical insurance.  Students may enroll in the Tulane University-sponsored student medical insurance plan at a cost of $877.50 per semester. Students who choose to enroll in this plan receive a $500 supplement per semester to help defray the costs of medical insurance.  All students are supported through a 9-month teaching assistantship in the amount of $19,00 or through faculty research or training grants or fellowships (at least $19,000).  Additional financial support is available during the summer months through research grants awarded through the Department or through summer teaching assistantships.