Physics and Engineering Physics


At Tulane University our students have a unique opportunity to combine understanding of science and engineering both in our courses and degrees. Alongside our longstanding Physics Program (science) established in 1895, we added an undergraduate Engineering Physics Program (engineering) in 2006. As part of the Engineering Physics program, students also have the option of earning a certificate in Computational, Electrical, Materials, or Mechanical Engineering. At the graduate level, in 2016 we have added a new PhD Program in Materials Physics and Engineering to complement our Physics PhD Program, established half a century ago.

The number of undergraduate students in our traditional Physics Program has doubled since hurricane Katrina (2005). Our new Engineering Physics Program has rapidly grown to about the same number of students as in Physics with a total of 15-20 Physics majors plus 15-20 Engineering Physics majors in each of the recent incoming classes. Both teaching and research in our department are experiencing exciting growth. Our goal is to find new and effective ways to expand and integrate cutting edge science and technology to meet the growing needs of widening interdisciplinary global challenges, and to provide our graduates with the advantage of this enhanced experience.

Whether you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, a scientist interested in postdoctoral or faculty positions, or simply browsing our website, we invite you to you visit us here in New Orleans and perhaps join our unique Physics and Engineering Physics (PEP) team here at Tulane University.