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Engineering Physics Certificates

Engineering Physics majors have the opportunity to focus their elective course work in a specific concentration area  and earn a certificate if they are interested in a more focused field of study. Successful completion of an ENGP certificate requires a student to choose any four out of the seven total electives (i.e., out of the four engineering electives, one contemporary physics elective, one classical physics elective, and one broader technical elective) from within a particular concentration area.

Completing a certificate offers several advantages: structured/guided use of electives for focusing in a particular area, providing some depth within a broad-based ENGP curriculum; additional branding that may help students attract interest in industry after graduation; and preparation for common graduate engineering programs.

Pursuing a certificate within the ENGP major is completely optional. A student pursuing a certificate will need to sign up for it at the Academic Advising Center. (This can be done at the same time as the major declaration.) When a graduating student does complete a certificate, this will be noted on the student's transcript.

Currently we offer four established certificates within the Engineering Physics major: computational engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering, and mechanical engineering. A faculty member with expertise in that area is available to discuss details regarding each certificate. Each certificate has a pre-approved set of coursework that meets the requirements of that certificate (see links below for approved course lists). Students wishing for other courses to be considered as part of a certificate should discuss with the faculty member responsible for that certificate. In addition to these established certificates, students may propose new certificates, which would require university approval.

Certificates and Relevant Courses

Please Note: Many intermediate and advanced courses in the program have prerequisites listed under the Basic Science and Mathematics categories in the curriculum; several of the allowed electives may have additional prerequisites. Many of the required and elective courses may not be offered every year. Students must work closely with a faculty advsior to develop an individualized schedule of courses that fits their needs and interests, while satisfying all of the above requirements along with the university‚Äôs core requirements for graduation.. For students pursuing a certificate, the certificate advisor (see above) is also your primary ENGP major advisor.  For students who are not pursuing a certificate or have not yet declared a certificate, Prof. Lev Kaplan serves as the primary ENGP major advisor.