Transfer Credit

Students who are interested in obtaining transfer credits should first obtain the transfer credit request form from their academic advisor. They should then attach a detailed course description and/or a syllabus to the form for departmental approval. Syllabi are preferred for most courses, and they are required for introductory physics courses (e.g. algebra-based or calculus-based Physics I and II). 

The forms should be returned to April Sanchez in the Physics & Engineering Physics office in 2001 Percival Stern Hall. The office is open from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, excluding all university holidays. Once forms are approved and signed by Dr. Jiang Wei, students will be contacted to retrieve their forms and return them to Academic Advising. 

All forms must be submitted and receive approval prior to taking courses at another institution.

Special note for online course work: A lecture course that was delivered online may be considered for transfer credit, but any laboratory component must be in-person to receive credit. For this purpose, a student may take the 1-credit lab section separately to complete the requirements for a laboratory science course that was taken elsewhere online.