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Tulane student shows ‘Right Stuff’ at NASA Glenn Research Center competition

Meghan Bush, an engineering physics senior at Tulane University, would like to work at NASA one day, and if her recent experience at the NASA... more

Tulane team competes in ‘world’s fastest invention competition’ Sep 18, 2019 Barri Bronston

A Tulane team selected to compete in the APT/PBS reality show “Make48” may take home a top prize. But you’ll have to tune in to see just what the team invented and where it placed out of 12 national collegiate teams. Billed as the “world’s fastest invention competition,” “Make48" is a MakerSpace-... more

Tulane researcher receives national honor for work in energy materials Aug 27, 2019 Barri Bronston

A Tulane University materials physics and engineering scientist is one of only 10 scientists being honored nationally by the U.S. Department of Energy. Michael Naguib, an assistant professor in the Tulane School of Science and Engineering, is the winner of a Ten at Ten Award  from the energy... more

Tulane study sheds new light on inner workings of less expensive superconductors Jun 05, 2018 Barri Bronston

, A Tulane University physicist has concluded a study that he says will help scientists unravel the mystery of high temperature superconductivity and aid in designing a material that can deliver superconductivity at room temperature. A superconductor is a material that, when cooled to a... more

Engineering Expo showcases student inventions Apr 19, 2018 Barri Bronston

They called their project TU Wheelies, and Tulane University biomedical engineering seniors beamed when they were invited to explain their invention. “The idea is to reduce the constraints that motorized wheelchair users face when traveling over uneven surfaces,” said Dana Kaplan, who teamed up on... more

Tulane team testing hybrid solar energy converter Jan 23, 2018 Barri Bronston

A Tulane University researcher is leading a U.S. Department of Energy project to develop a hybrid solar energy converter that generates electricity and steam with high efficiency and low cost. Utilizing an approach that more fully captures the whole spectrum of sunlight, the project generates... more

Working on a miracle Oct 17, 2017 Photo by Ryan Rivet

Daniel Rees, a graduate student in the Bioinnovation IGERT program, loads samples into an aggregation rate generator (ARGEN) instrument in the Center for Polymer Reaction Monitoring and Characterization (PolyRMC). Rees is working under the supervision of physics professor Wayne F. Reed to... more

Get smart Sep 05, 2017 Photo by Ryan Rivet

Aide Wu, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in materials science, works with a second generation automatic continuous online monitoring of polymerization reactions instrument (ACOMP) in the Tulane University Center for Polymer Reaction Monitoring and Characterization (PolyRMC). Wu works at PolyRMC... more

Tulane team advances knowledge toward more efficient electronics Jul 24, 2017 Barri Bronston

A recent discovery by a team of researchers led by Tulane University advances fundamental knowledge that could one day lead to more energy-efficient computers, televisions, cellphones and other electronics. The researchers’ discovery of a new magnetic topological semimetal is featured in the latest... more

LightLab illuminates science for middle-schoolers Jul 05, 2017 Barri Bronston

Angel Allen has a long way to go before she has to decide on a career path. But if you ask her now, the rising eighth-grader at Paul Habans Charter School will tell you that she wants to be an engineer. She wants to design cars that are powered by wind energy, and hopes her love of math and... more

LEGOs and LEDs pique girls’ STEM interest Jun 09, 2017 Alicia Jasmin

On day one of the General Electric (GE) Girls summer program hosted by Tulane University, 13-year-old Ronae Clayton had her future plans all lined up. “I’m going to be a five-star chef and own a restaurant,” she said. By day four of the weeklong camp, Clayton’s plans had become fuzzy. She knew what... more