In 1894, Tulane University was the first school in the South and the third in the United States to establish a four-year curriculum labeled Chemical Engineering. The program had it roots in Chemistry with the first curriculum being based on Industrial Chemistry. In 1895, B. P. Caldwell was the first recipient of the B.E. degree in Chemical Engineering at Tulane.

Today the department continues a strong tradition of rigorous learning coupled with the joy of discovery. The department values scholarship and seeks to provide its students with all opportunities to develop their academic potential. Class sizes are small and the student to faculty ratio in the department is typically less than 10:1. The faculty has an open-door policy and is accessible to students at all times of the working day. There are tremendous opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research, and the faculty encourages and promotes undergraduate involvement in research. The department has ten faculty members and sustains an intensive graduate research program leading up to the doctoral degree.

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