Undergraduate Studies

What do Chemical Engineers do?

Engineers are problem solvers, and chemical engineers over the last century have been instrumental in “development of smaller, faster computer chips...innovations in recycling, treating disease, cleaning water, and generating energy...the processes and products that chemical engineers have helped create touch every aspect of our lives.” ¹

We believe this role in everyday life contributes to the success of chemical engineers in general, who tend to excel in the private sector because of their solutions-based skills training for problems with uncertainty and limited knowledge.

At Tulane, we believe the individualized attention that our students receive as undergraduates results in a strong appreciation of the university and its role in their futures. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering will remain a strong career in the future, as the program evolves to keep up with the demands of the chemical and biochemical industry.

The Sloan Career Cornerstone Series and The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) present Careers in Chemical Engineering (video in three parts).

¹ http://www.chemicalengineering.org/