Graduate Courses

CENG 6000 Chemical Engineering Research Seminar (0)

Students are exposed to the important research findings, presented by invited speakers as well as by professors and advanced PhD candidates of our own department.

CENG 6010 Mathematical Methods for Engineers (3)

Prerequisite: MATH 2240.
Review of calculus and ordinary differential equations, series solutions and special functions, complex variables, partial differential equations, and integral transforms.

CENG 7110 Thermodynamics and Properties of Matter (3)

Prerequisite: CENG 3110.
Molecular thermodynamics of multi-component systems are reviewed with particular attention to separation processes. Thermal and chemical equilibrium properties are examined for pure and mixed fluids.

CENG 6130 Surface and Colloid Phenomena (3)

A study of surface and colloid chemistry. Topics include characterization of particles and surfaces, stability of colloidal systems, interactions of charged particles, and electrokinetic phenomena.

CENG 6160 Heterogeneous Catalysis (3)

A study of the fundamental concepts underlying catalytic processes in the petroleum processing industry and in synthetic fuels research. Topics include molecular theories of adsorption and catalysis, catalyst design and formulation, instrumental methods of catalyst characterization, transport in catalysts, shape-selective catalysis, etc. Applications discussed include catalytic cracking, reforming, hydrodesulfurization, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, direct and indirect coal liquefaction, etc.

CENG 6250 Applied Numerical Analysis (3)

Prerequisite: CENG 3230 or equivalent, MATH 2240.
Numerical techniques for the solution of mathematical problems in the engineering analysis of systems are presented for computer implementation. Topics include interpolation, integration, solution of systems of linear and nonlinear algebraic equations, optimization, and regression. A comparison of numerical solution methods for ordinary and partial differential equations is given. Eigenvalue and split boundary problems are included.

CENG 6400 Introduction to Gene Therapy (3)

A survey into the fundamental aspects of gene delivery and their application to gene therapy. Topics include various viral and non-viral gene carriers, carrier/DNA interaction and complex formation, complex interactions with cells and cell structures, targeting, gene editing, and gene therapy applications.

CENG 6420 Survey of Contemporary Polymers Research (3)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

CENG 6450 Applied Biochemistry (3)

Prerequisite: CHEM 2410/2430.
Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry and chemical processes involved with the molecules that are utilized by living organisms. This two-semester series will provide an in-depth coverage of carbon- and nitrogen-containing molecules such as proteins and DNA and certain cofactors. In the first semester enzyme kinetics and catalysis will be covered, along with carbohydrates and their metabolism. The metabolic pathways and associated bioenergetics of glycolysis and the TCA cycle will be examined in detail. The material will be related to everyday life, diet, nutrition, and exercise performance.

CENG 6460 Applied Biochemistry II (3)

Prerequisite: CENG 6450.
This course is a continuation of CENG 6450 (please refer to the related course description). Principles taught in CENG 6450 will be extended as they are applied to lipids and nitrogen-containing molecules, and the metabolism of each. Example molecules include fats, triglycerides, DNA, amino acids, heme, and urea. The interplay of biochemistry and molecular biology will also be examined.

CENG 6710 Biochemical Engineering (3)

Prerequisite: CENG 2500 or equivalent.
An advanced course in biochemical engineering. Topics include enzyme catalyzed and cell-associated reactions, engineering aspects of recombinant DNA technology, cell culture, bioreactors and tissue engineering.

CENG 6770 Advances in Biotechnology (3)

The objectives of the course are to enhance understanding of the basic principles of biotechnology and to introduce the most current biotechnology research. Topics include gene therapy, microbial pesticides, genetically engineered food, stem-cell technology and tissue engineering.

CENG 6860 Readings and Research (2-4)

CENG 6870 Biomolecular and Cellular Engineering (3)

Prerequisite: CENG 2500 or CHEM 3830
Introduction to genetic and environmental manipulation of cells for production of proteins and other bioproducts. Topics include biomolecular interactions (protein energetics, binding equilibria, association kinetics), protein aggregation, cloning and gene expression in different host systems, posttranslational processing, and protein engineering. Will include case studies and class discussions of primary literature.

CENG 6890 Polymer Engineering and Science (3)

Fundamentals of polymer science and engineering, including synthesis, characterization, properties and processing of polymeric materials. An overview of polymer structure, including classification, tacticity, conformation and configuration will be given. Synthetic techniques will be reviewed, including addition and condensation polymerization and copolymerization. Polymer thermodynamics will be described, including an introduction to Flory-Huggins theory, as well as polymer-polymer miscibility and blends. A brief overview of characterization will be given, including molecular weight and glass transition temperature determination. Properties will be discussed, including mechanical properties of semi-crystalline polymers and elastomers. The time-temperature superposition principle will be described, as well as a brief introduction to processing techniques.

CENG 7010 Graduate Mentoring Seminar I (1)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in CBE
The graduate mentoring seminar will provide students an opportunity to improve their communication skills, develop a basic appreciation of the science of learning, and engage with faculty on a variety of professional development topics.

CENG 7020 Graduate Mentoring Seminar II (1)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in CBE
The graduate mentoring seminar will provide students an opportunity to improve their presentation skills, provide basics in lab safety, and engage with faculty on a variety of professional development topics.

CENG 7120 Thermodynamics of Macromolecules (3)

Prerequisite: 6110 or equivalent.
Thermodynamics is applied to macromolecules. Fundamentals of the thermodynamics of polymers in solution and in the melt. Topics of polymer self-assembly, polymer-surfactant interactions, and polymer nanocomposites are incorporated in the course. Students will learn methods of characterization of polymer thermodynamics using spectroscopy, microscopy and scattering techniques.

CENG 7150 Advanced Reactor Design (3)

Coupled reaction and transport phenomena as they are involved in major reactor configurations are studied with attention to data resources and computational capabilities.

CENG 7320 Advanced Transport Phenomena (3)

Prerequisites: CENG 2320, 3390, and MATH 2210, 2240 or equivalents
Mathematical formulation and solution of problems involving theoretical concepts in fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics and elementary reaction theory. Emphasis is placed upon transient transport processes and the associated partial differential equations.

CENG 7520 Applied Statistical Mechanics (3)

The course covers the fundamental principles and methods of statistical mechanics. Emphasis is placed on applications to thermodynamics, phase behavior, polymer science and self-assembly phenomena.

CENG 7810, 7820 Advanced Independent Research (3)

Research studies performed under faculty tutelage by prior arrangement.

CENG 7910-7940 Master's Level Research Orientation and Methods (1,1,1,1)

CENG 8910, 8920 Doctoral Level Research Seminar (1,1)

CENG 9980 Master's Research

CENG 9990 Dissertation Research