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Combined Degree: Curriculum

Doctoral students in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering are required to complete a series of core courses and electives for a total of 48 credit hours.  In the Combined Degree Program, students take core chemical and biomolecular engineering courses in kinetics, thermodynamics and transport phenomena, and focus their electives in the biological sciences by taking courses in biochemistry, cell biology and molecular biology offered by the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. These classes are held both on the Uptown and Medical School campuses.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (24 credits)

  • CENG 6110 (3 credits) Modern Thermodynamics
  • CENG 6120 (3 credits) Graduate Chemical and Biomolecular Transport Phenomena
  • CENG 6870 (3 credits) Biomolecular and Cellular Engineering or CENG 7150 (3 credits) Advanced Reactor Design

A maximum of 15 credits of electives and/or CENG 7810 (1-9 credits per course) Advanced Independent Research [See Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Student Handbook for limitations on the number of Independent Research credits and substitution of remedial CENG courses for Independent Research credits.]

Biomedical Sciences (24 credits)

  • GBCH 6010 (4 credits) Biochemistry
  • BMSP 6070 (3 credits) Advanced Cell Biology
  • EPID 7810 (3 credits) Human Molecular Genetics
  • BMSP 7770 (3 credits) Systems Biology
  • BMPS 7100 (Fall, 1 credit) or BMPS 7110 (Spring, 1 credit) Workshop
  • BMSP 7120 Research Methods (4 credits total: 2 for course, 2 for rotation)
  • [CENG 7810 Advanced Independent Research, CELL 6035 (1 credit) Molecular Biology Laboratory, CELL 6755 (1 credit) Cell Biology Laboratory, or other molecular or cellular laboratory course can be substituted for the rotation.]
  • BMSP 7140 (Fall, 1 credit) or BMPS 7150 (Spring, 1 credit) Seminar
  • 3 credit CENG course listed as biomedical sciences elective [examples: CENG 6770 (3 credits) Advances in Biotechnology or CENG 6710 (3 credits) Biochemical Engineering
  • 2-3 credit biomedical sciences elective [example: GBCH 7250 (2 credits) Biostatistics]