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Alumni Profile: Libby Nelson

Libby Nelson

Elizabeth "Libby" Nelson P.E. (class of 2014) graduated from Tulane University with a BSE in Chemical Engineering and a Mathematics minor. During her time at Tulane, she interned with Jacobs Engineering. She accepted a full time Process Engineering Consulting position with the company after graduation. She currently holds the position of Process Engineering Supervisor at Worley (formally Jacobs), while also serving as the Lead Process Engineer on major upstream oil and gas projects in the Gulf of Mexico. These projects include anything from large scale entire facility debottlenecking studies through implementation to small scale hydraulic or equipment sizing calculations. In both roles, she is responsible for the daily activities of the Process Department and ensures effective communication between Process and all other engineering disciplines and project leadership.

Outside of the office life, Libby currently serves on the Young Professionals in Energy Board as the Education Committee Chair, the Tulane Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering Junior Board of Advisors, and the Newcomb Alumnae Association Board of Directors. We caught up with Libby and she was kind enough to share some memories from her time at Tulane.

  1. What do you enjoy most about your current role?
    “Serving as both a supervisor and lead on projects can be challenging. However, both have rewarding moments. Hiring recent graduates has been an enjoyable part of my role as supervisor, as I feel I can contribute to their growth as an engineer and impact their careers in a positive way. Seeing my projects executed through construction phase has been a rewarding part of my role as a lead.”
  2. Why did you decide to get involved with the Junior Board?
    “Similar to my joys as a supervisor above, I want to be able to help current students prepare for their careers in local industry and help recent graduates start theirs. The Junior Board was been a way to connect with fellow CBE alumni to hear their tales of Tulane Engineering life and develop a plan to keep the positive impacts we received from the program alive, while aiming to add even more to the value of a Tulane Engineering degree.”
  3. What do you value most about your time at Tulane?
    “I was fourth generation in my family at Tulane, so it is hard to honestly say I ever thought about attending another university. Tulane and the city of New Orleans have had such an impact on my life since childhood. Being able to have a similar experience as my mother making lifelong memories was a special thing, as both a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and as a Newcomb-Tulane student. The friendships I made have all been lasting ones, and I am forever grateful that the Boot... I mean Tulane... gave me that.”
  4. Any advice for current students?
    “Work hard, play hard? Honestly though, your education is very important and not many have the privilege to receive the great one that Tulane provides. That being said, remember to enjoy your years at Tulane and in New Orleans. The city has so much to offer, whether it be giving back to the community, attending exciting festivals, or trying out all the fabulous restaurants throughout the school year and Summer (Yes, stay in New Orleans for a Summer. The heat is bearable, and it is worth the fun)! Also, work with other classmates. Being together makes homework and studying more bearable and prepares you for working in industry where you will always need to be working with others, especially other disciplines, to reach a common goal.”
  5. Favorite Tulane/CBE memory.
    “Am I allowed to say graduating? I am still making memories with Tulane friends, so I think my favorite Tulane memories are still happening! If I had to pick a favorite CBE memory though, it would probably be laughing at Dr. Pratt’s “man on the street” jokes. I want to know where he lives because everyone on his street is really smart if they know Thermodynamics!”