The term “Biomedical Engineering” covers the application of engineering techniques and principles to problems and processes in biology or medicine. All of our faculty are actively engaged in research and we believe this enhances our teaching abilities by keeping us at the forefront of knowledge in our specialties.  Tulane's Department of Biomedical Engineering is internationally recognized for our research and the quality of our teaching and mentorship. Each of our faculty members is committed to helping you acquire the very best education.

At the undergraduate level, the emphasis chosen by our faculty is, first and foremost, to provide students with the opportunity to acquire a rigorous engineering education with an emphasis on scientific principles and interdisciplinary investigation. This foundation serves as a springboard to the study of biomaterials and tissue engineering, bioelectronics, biomechanics and design that will prepare you for graduate school, medical school, or a position in industry.

At the graduate level we consider our students to be junior colleagues, and we furnish them with the advanced coursework, professional guidance, and equipment/facilities that our critical to their development as independent scholars.  We have the resources, experience and energy that are required to mentor our students as they conduct independent research and pursue careers related to one of the major themes of biomedical engineering.

While we’ve tried to answer most of your questions about study in biomedical engineering, it cannot convey the enthusiasm that all of us on the biomedical engineering faculty feel for the work we are doing. Please feel free to write, e-mail us, however, frequently a personal visit is the most effective way for you to decide whether you wish to join us. We will be happy to show you our facilities, introduce you to the faculty, and discuss the field of biomedical engineering with you if you make an appointment to visit us here in New Orleans.

Graduate Program

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is committed to being a global leader in biomedical engineering scholarship. Our faculty, staff, and students are all important parts of the team that provide distinctive opportunities for creative solutions to biomedical engineering research and design problems.

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Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program provides students with the breadth required for participation in the interdisciplinary field of biomedical engineering and the depth required by engineers to advance the practice in our discipline.

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