2020 Engineering Capstone Design Expo Project Videos

Students Use Micro-Mirror Array to Guide Cell Culture Growth

Two BMEN graduate students in Dr. Michael Moore's lab, Lowry Curley and Scott Jennings, have just published (with Dr. Moore) a video in the new peer-reviewed Journal of Visualized Experiments.   They describe the use of an array of digital micromirrors, the same as the one in a computer screen projector, to create a dynamic photo-mask for creation of 3D hydrogel system.  These can then be used in the production of microfabricated neural cell and tissue cultures.  Learn More

Classroom Innovations with HP Tablet Computers

The successful efforts by Tulane's Biomedical Engineering Department to increase interactivity in the classroom after receiving a grant from HP computers are documented in this five minute video.

Tulane Engineering Student Volunteers in Tanzania

Tulane Biomedical Engineering junior Bob Lathrop spent last summer in Tanzania as a volunteer biomedical engineer, repairing medical equipment in a busy hospital. Bob personally raised $6,500 to fund the trip by promising supporting companies he would wear their corporate logos on his lab coat, just like elite NASCAR drivers display their sponsors. Watch this video and I think you will agree Bob Lathrop is a champion, too.