Program Curricula


cell neuro lab students with microscope

The student majoring in Neuroscience fulfills the standard requirements of a premedical curriculum, which is recommended or required for admission to graduate study in Neuroscience or related graduate programs, as well as medical school. A Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience requires 9 credits of core courses; 12-14 credits of elective courses; and 42 credits of co-requisite courses in Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics (see Curriculum). At least 9 of the elective credits must be taken from the list of Neuroscience lecture electives, and at least 3 laboratory courses must be completed, with at least one neuroscience lab. Students majoring in Neuroscience are strongly encouraged to participate in university research as independent studies and/or an honors thesis. An independent study or honors thesis may count as one of the three required laboratory courses. Students who receive a grade of C or lower in NSCI 3300 - Brain and Behavior are not encouraged to declare or continue as a major in Neuroscience. Students who matriculated prior to Fall, 2022 may choose to follow the new or old curriculum for the Neuroscience major. They should inform their Newcomb Tulane College advisor which curriculum they will follow, so their audit can reflect the curriculum they are following.

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