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Program Curricula


cell neuro lab students with microscope

The student majoring in Neuroscience fulfills the standard requirements of a premedical curriculum, which is recommended or required for admission to graduate study in Neuroscience or related graduate programs, as well as medical school. A Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience requires 9 credits of core courses; 12 credits of elective courses; and 42 credits of co-requisite courses in Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics (see Curriculum). At least 9 of the elective credits must be taken from the list of Neuroscience lecture electives, and at least 3 laboratory courses must be completed, with at least one neuroscience lab. Students majoring in Neuroscience are strongly encouraged to participate in university research as independent studies and/or an honors thesis. An independent study or honors thesis may count as one of the three required laboratory courses. Students who receive a grade of C or lower in NSCI 3300 - Brain and Behavior are not encouraged to declare or continue as a major in Neuroscience.

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