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Graduate Studies in Neuroscience

The graduate program in Neuroscience consists of the 1-year master's program, the 4 + 1 master's program, and the Ph.D. program. Neuroscience accepts approximately 25-30 students into its master's program and 3-5 students into its Ph.D. program every year. The master's program prepares students for professional schools and continued graduate studies, and the Ph.D. program prepares students for research-related careers in biomedical science. Students pursuing an advanced degree in Neuroscience benefit from a multidisciplinary education and training in the sciences of the brain and nervous system, including cell and molecular biology, neuropharmacology, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neuroendocrinology, and biological psychology.


PhD Training Committee
Andrei Derbenev, PhD, Director (SOM)
Laura Schrader, PhD (SSE)
Jeff Tasker, PhD (SSE)
Andrea Zsombok, PhD (SOM)
Lauren Wendelle Yowelunh McLester-Davis, BA (PhD Student Representative)
Lee Vaasjo Munoz, BS (PhD Student Representative)
Master’s Program Committee
Beth Wee, PhD, Director (SSE)
Sarah Clark, PhD (SSE)

Dr. Daniel and student

Lab research