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Cell Neuro Lab TAs and UGs Nov 2019

The student majoring in Neuroscience fulfills the standard requirements of a premedical curriculum, which is recommended or required for admission to graduate study in Neuroscience or related graduate programs, as well as medical school. A Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience requires 9 credits of core courses; 12 credits of elective courses; and 41 credits of co-requisite courses in Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics (see Curriculum). Check the class schedule (classschedule.tulane.edu) to find details on when a course is taught. At least 6 of the elective credits must be taken from the list of Neuroscience lecture electives, and at least 3 laboratory courses must be completed, with at least one neuroscience lab. Students majoring in Neuroscience are strongly encouraged to participate in university research as independent studies and/or an honors thesis. An independent study or honors thesis may count once as one of the three required laboratory courses. Students who receive a grade of C or lower in NSCI 3300 - Brain and Behavior are not encouraged to declare or continue as a major in Neuroscience.

Download the major course audit

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Required Core Courses (12 credits)

NSCI/PSYC 3300: Brain and Behavior [3 Credits]
Instructors: Black/ Colombo/ Fadok/ Wee

NSCI/CELL 3310: Cellular Neuroscience [3 Credits]
Instructor: Tasker/ Huang/ Fucich

NSCI/CELL 3320: Systems Neuroscience [3 Credits]
Instructor: Schrader/Galazo/ Clark

Elective Lecture Courses (Minimum of 9 credits)

Elective Neuroscience Lecture Courses (Minimum of 6 credits)

NSCI/PSYC 3770: Sensation and Perception [3 Credits]
Instructor: Hebert

NSCI/PSYC 4060: Behavioral Endocrinology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Dohanich/Wee

NSCI/CHEM 4080: Computational Neurochemistry [3 Credits]
Instructor: Lopreore

NSCI/LING 4110: Brain and Language [3 Credits]
Instructor: Howard

NSCI 4130: Sports Related Brain Injury [3 Credits]
Instructor: Juengling

NSCI/CELL 4300: General Endocrinology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Clark

NSCI/PSYC 4330: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory [3 Credits]
Instructor: Daniel/Harrison

NSCI/CELL 4340: Neurobiology of Disease [3 Credits]

Instructor: Cronin

NSCI/CELL 4350: Developmental Neurobiology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Clark

NSCI/CELL 4370: Molecular Neurobiology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Huang

NSCI/CELL 4450: Genome Biology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Earls

NSCI/CELL 4500: Advanced Molecular Neurobiology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Huang

NSCI/PSYC 4510: Biological Psychology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Colombo

NSCI/PSYC 4513: Music & Brain [3 Credits]
Instructor: Colombo

NSCI/PSYC 4530: Psychopharmacology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Dohanich

Elective Non-Neuroscience Lecture Courses (minimum of 3 credits)

PSYC 3090: Univariate Statistics I [4 Credits]
Instructor: Corey

PSYC 3330: Abnormal Psychology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Staff

PSYC 3680: Comparative Animal Behavior [3 Credits]
Instructor: Wee

PSYC 4090: Univariate Statistics II [3 Credits]
Instructor: Corey

CELL 3030: Molecular Biology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Mullin/ Wang

CELL 3050: Foundations of Pharmacology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Dotson

CELL 3210: Cellular Physiology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Cronin

CELL 3560: Fundamentals of Pathophysiology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Cronin

CELL 3750: Cell Biology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Dotson

CELL 4010: Cellular Biochemistry [3 Credits]
Instructor: Abboud/ He

EBIO 1010/1015: Diversity of Life (Lecture/Lab) [3 Credits, 1 Credit]
Instructor: Staff

SCEN 4110: Basic Medical Biochemistry [3 Credits]
Instructor: Landry

Elective Laboratory Courses (Minimum of 3 labs, at least one in a Neuroscience area)

Neuroscience Laboratory Courses

NSCI/CELL 3315: Cellular Neuroscience Laboratory [1 Credit]
Instructor: Clark/ Fucich

NSCI 3325: Neuroanatomy Lab [1 Credit]
Instructor: Black

NSCI 3360: Neuroanatomy & CNS Dissection [3 Credits]
Instructor: Dancisak

NSCI/PSYC 3775: Sensation and Perception Laboratory [1 Credit]
Instructor: Hebert

NSCI/PSYC 4065: Behavioral Endocrinology Laboratory [1 Credit]
Instructor: Hebert

NSCI/PSYC 4515: Biological Psychology Laboratory [1 Credit]
Instructor: Hebert

NSCI/PSYC 4535: Psychopharmacology Lab [1 Credit]
Instructor: Hebert

*Note: Independent study (3 credits) or Honors Thesis (7 credits) may fulfill only one laboratory requirement

Non-Neuroscience Laboratory Courses

PSYC 3130: Experimental Psychology [4 Credits]
Instructor: Wyland

CELL 2115: General Biology Lab [1 Credit]
Instructor: Boudaba

CELL 3035: Molecular Biology Lab [1 Credit]
Instructor: Abboud

CELL 3215: Physiology Lab [1 Credit]
Instructor: Cronin

CELL 4110/4111: Cells and Tissues Lecture w/ Lab [4 Credits]
Instructor: Garner

CELL 4490/4491: Anatomy Lab [4 Credits, 0 Credits]
Instructor: Garner

SCEN 2030/2035: Anatomy I (Lecture/Lab) [3 Credits, 1 credit]
Instructor: SOPA Staff

SCEN 2040/2045: Physiology I (Lecture/Lab) [3 Credits, 1 credit]
Instructor: SOPA Staff

SCEN 3030/3035: Anatomy & Physiology I (Lecture/Lab) [3 Credits, 1 Credit]
Instructor: Dancisak

SCEN 3040/3045: Anatomy & Physiology II (Lecture/Lab) [3 Credits, 1 Credit]
Instructor: Dancisak

Co-Requisite Courses

PSYC 1000: Introductory Psychology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Staff

CELL 1010: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology [3 Credits]
Instructor: Vijayaraghavan/ Dotson

CELL 2050: Genetics [3 Credits]
Instructor: Dotson/Meadows/Vijayaraghavan

CHEM 1070/1075: General Chemistry I [4 Credits]
Instructor: Staff

CHEM 1080/1085: General Chemistry II [4 Credits]
Instructor: Staff

CHEM 2410/2415: Organic Chemistry I [4 Credits]
Instructor: Staff

CHEM 2420/2425: Organic Chemistry II [4 Credits]
Instructor: Staff

PHYS 1210/1211 or 1310/1311: General Physics I [4 Credits]
Instructor: Staff

PHYS 1220/1221 or 1320/1321: General Physics II [4 Credits]
Instructor: Staff

MATH  -  Two courses required for B.S., one semester of Calculus required. MATH 1150/1160 may substitute for one of the calculus courses.