Neuroscience Summer Research Program

NSCI summer research students 2019

The Summer ProgramĀ supports current Tulane Neuroscience majors who have been nominated by their neuroscience research advisor. Nominated students will be invited to apply directly to the program.

Tulane's Neuroscience Summer Research Program offers qualified undergraduate students the opportunity to spend 9 weeks of the summer working in the research laboratories of Tulane neuroscientists.

Students can prepare for graduate school through the following activities:

  • Assist Tulane faculty members and their laboratory teams in ongoing research projects in the exciting field of neuroscience
  • Develop proficiency in basic research skills that include ethical awareness, experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, and laboratory technique
  • Learn communication skills in the oral and written presentation of scientific results
  • Present and discuss their projects with other students and faculty members during weekly group sessions
  • Design and create a research poster for our culminating poster session