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2022-2011 Dissertation Titles


Whitney Davis
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Illuminating teachers' voices: A pluralistic qualitative analysis of teachers' experiences with student aggression in urban public middle schools

Virginia Hatch
Director: Sarah Gray
Mother’s insightfulness and children’s school readiness in the context of intergenerational adversity

Brianna (Keenan) Hunter
Director: Julie Markant
Attention orienting to motivationally salient faces across development

James Moran
Director: Damian Murray
The impact of acute and chronic disease salience on mating motivations

Elsia Obus
Director: Sarah Gray
Construct validity of a measure of emotional reminiscing with low-income Black families from the United States

Haley Peele
Director: Courtney Baker
Towards the creation of a racially and culturally specific understanding and measurement of Black caregivers’ internal working models of their children

Chloe Pickett
Director: Sarah Gray
“Can't is not in our vocabulary. l stay prayed up.": An exploration of the moderating roles of Strong Black Woman Ideology and spirituality among Black mothers with histories of childhood sexual abuse

Megan Saybe
Director: Courtney Baker
Exposure to violence, pro-violence attitudes, interpersonal relationships, and aggressive behavior: A moderated mediation approach

Sydney Wing
Director: Michael Cunningham
They believe our children are smart…Just not smart enough to be in a gifted program: A mixed-methods exploration of perceived determinants & processes in the identification of Black students for gifted education

Kamiya Stewart
Director: Lisa Molix
Inequities in the hiring of women with criminal records: An examination of forgiveness and punishment

Ashlee (Yates) Flanagan
Director: Michael Cunningham
School belonging and social media use among Black students enrolled in PWIs 


Erin Glackin
Director: Sarah Gray
Integrating risk and resilience: Differential neurobiological susceptibility to violence and sensitive parenting in early childhood  

Nicholas Kerry
Director: Damian Murray
Does parenting motivation increase social conservatism and religiosity

Sally Merritt
Co-Directors: Stacy Overstreet and Laurie O’Brien
Can a hard-working female role model counter STEM-requires-brilliance stereotypes and spark girls' engagement with STEM?

Laura Perry
Director: Michael Hoerger
A personality feedback intervention for adults with cancer: Implications for advancing personalized cancer care 

Lea Petrovic
Director: Stacy Overstreet
The role of school climate in mitigating the effects of neighborhood violence on externalizing outcomes among school-aged children

Jenna Winston
Director: Paul Colombo
Associations Between Musical Experience and Self-Regulation: Cognitive, Emotional, and Physiological Perspectives

Blair Youmans
Director: Jeff Lockman
The Development of Children’s Buttoning Ability: Self, Other, and Clothing Design


Justin Carreras
Director: Sarah Gray
Exploring the Role of Parenting Processes in the Intergenerational Transmission of Emotion Regulation and Cognitive Regulation

Laura Cornell
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
But why don’t you just suspend him? Student and caregiver perspectives on discipline practices in a predominantly African American elementary school

Emily Lewis
Director: Jeff Lockman
Self-generated action and cognitive development: Handwriting and numerical development  

Elizabeth McIntryre
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Implications of supportive and structured teaching for student and teacher behavior in K-8 classrooms serving predominantly Black students

Claire Noonan
Director: Julie Markant
Emotional infant-directed faces influence sensitivity to gaze cues in infancy


Veronica Coriano
Director: Courtney Baker
Racial discrimination and the psychological well-being of Black and Latinx children: School is (not always) a safe space

Nicholas Fears
Director: Jeff Lockman
The Development of Handwriting in Young Children

Lauren Ruelens
Director: Lisa Molix
From babe to bitch: Men's reactions to rejection in stranger harassment

Katie Simon
Director: Stacy Overstreet
The implications of teacher secondary traumatic stress for student socio-emotional wellbeing


Emiliya Adelson
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Perspectives on children's stressors and supports: Voices of African American elementary school children in New Orleans

Maxwell Anderson
Director: Edward Golob
Interactions between auditory spatial attention and features retained in memory

Corey Black
Director: Courtney Baker
Teacher turnover and preschooler externalizing behaviors in low-income early childhood educational settings

Michael Brachfeld
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
The relationship between teacher well-being and the use of office discipline referrals in an urban charter school

Trenesha Hill
Director: Courtney Baker
Empirically derived profiles of preschooler functioning: Effects on kindergarten readiness

Xzania (White) Lee
Director: Michael Cunningham
Race-related stress and coping among African American adolescents in urban, racially homogeneous communities

Aaron Moss
Director: Laurie O'Brien
A step before the first step? Social norms and admitting implicit racial prejudice

Jennifer Rious
Director: Michael Cunningham
Culturally-specific parenting and African American adolescent prosocial behavior: Rethinking classical strategies in context

Emily Shaffer
Director: Lisa Molix
Examining the relationship between group membership and time perspective on threat and policy support


Heather (Henderson) Larrazolo
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
It's hard, but it's not complicated:" Becoming a social-emotional learning-focused school

Kristen Scott
Director: Michael Cunningham
Mixed-methods research on the impact of perceived parenting practices on African American adolescents' future expectations

Meredith Summerville
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Young children's relationships: Ecomaps by African American kindergarten and first grade children in New Orleans


Jeffrey Brown
Director: Oscar Barbarin
Reconciling discrepancies in care-taker concerns about the behavioral health of pre-school children: An application of the Tri-Factor Model

Kathryn Jones
Director: Stacy Overstreet
The behavioral and emotional screening system – student form as a predictor of behavioral outcomes in youth

Caroline Tipler
Director: Janet Ruscher
They’re sucking the system dry: Mediators and moderators of the relationship between dehumanizing metaphors for immigrants and anti-immigrant public policy attitudes

Tara Van Bommel
Director: Janet Ruscher
The impact of congruency between interaction expectancies and mimicry behaviors on cognitive depletion and mood in interracial interactions


Patrick Bell
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
A Transformative, Participatory Approach for Social-Emotional Focused Urban School Reform

Amanda Borja
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Using the ecomap to explore children's phenomenology about their social worlds: A global cross-cultural analysis

Patricia Gilbert
Director: Laurie O'Brien
The role of role models: How does identification with STEM role models impact women’s implicit STEM stereotypes and STEM outcomes?

Wendy Jung
Director: Jeffrey Lockman
The development of orienting object features during hand to mouth transport in infants

Laura Marques
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Dissociation and Posttraumatic Stress Following Sexual Abuse: The Moderating Effect of Caregiver Support

Stefanie Simon
Director: Laurie O'Brien
Leading through diversity: The effect of leader gender on racial discrimination claims

Alexandra Sims
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Examining the Relationship between Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Attention Deficits in Children

Allisyn Swift
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Toward a Local Model of Teacher Professional Development for Social -Emotional Learning for Elementary Teachers of Urban Minority Youth


Daniel Bayless
Director: Jill Daniel
Sex Differences in Impulsivity in Prepubertal and Adult Rats

Berre Burch
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Dissociation: Exploring the Role of Arousal Regulation and Links with Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Following Allegations of Maltreatment

Elizabeth Carey
Director: Lisa Szechter
Family Interactions in a Science Museum: The Potential of Inquiry to Support Engagement

David Doyle
Director: Lisa Molix
Stigma 'Gets under the Skin,' but Does It "Get to the Heart?' Sexual Orientation as a Determinant of Social Relationship Outcomes

Jackleen Leed
Director: Jeff Lockman
Canonical Body Knowledge, Perceptuo-motor Coordination, and Tactile Localization

Jennifer Maldarelli
Director: Jeff Lockman
The Role of Social Learning in Early Tool Use Skill Development

Shereen Naser
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Evaluating the Utility of the Behavioral and Emotional Screening System (BESS) as a School-Based Universal Screening Tool

Laura Niditch
Director: Enrique Varela
Temperament, Parenting, and the Development of Anxiety in Early Childhood


Alison Blodorn
Director: Laurie T. O'Brien
Evaluations of White American Versus Black American Discrimination Claimants' Political Views and Prejudicial Attitudes

Katherine Cost (Neuroscience)
Director: Gary P. Dohanich
Spatial Ability during Pregnancy and Motherhood in Rats and Humans: A Comparative Study

Elin Grissom
Director: Gary P. Dohanich
The Relationships Between Sex Differences in Learning Strategy in Early Life and Neurochemical and Neuroarchitectural Endpoints in Multiple Memory Systems

Wayne Hawley
Director: Gary P. Dohanich
Modulation of Spatial Cognition in Adult Rats by Biological Sex, Gonadal Steroids, Affective Conditions, and Cholinergic Neurotransmission

Kyle Hucke
Director: Michael Cunningham
Hypermasculinity Attitude Profiles and Depressive Symptoms in Emerging Adult Males

Balachandar Kathirvelu
Director: Paul J. Colombo
Investigations of the Role of the Transcription Factor Creb in Memory Formation, and Interactions Between the Hippocampus and the Striatum Memory Systems

Christine Witty (Neuroscience)
Director: Jill M. Daniel
Mechanisms by Which Midlife Estradiol Exposure Exerts Lasting Impacts on Memory and the Hippocampus in Aging Female Rats


Alyssa M. Boasso
Director: Janet B. Ruscher
Impressions of Mental Health: The Role of Narrative Perspective-taking, Empathy, and Listener's Mood

C. Christiane Creveling
Director: Enrique Varela
The Role of Parental Control, Youth’s Cognitive Schemas and Emotion Regulation Skills on Youth Anxiety Across Different Age Groups

Bjorn Kahrs
Director: Jeffrey Lockman
Rhythmical Stereotypies in Infancy

Qi Li
Director: Jeffrey Lockman
Chopstick Use by Chinese Children

Rosa Maria Mulser
Director: Michael Cunningham
African American Adolescents Speak: Mixed-Methods Research on the Meaning of Racial Identity in the Relation between Race-Related Stress and Depressive Symptoms

Jill West
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Understanding the Motivation of Elementary School Teachers to Implement Social and Emotional Learning Curricula


Charles Corprew
Director: Michael Cunningham
Men at the Crossroads: Profiling Hypermasculinity in Emerging Adulthood

Kathryn Moore
Director: Enrique Varela
The Role of Emotional Competence in the Relation between Parental Emotion Socialization Practices and Childhood Anxiety

Lauren Smith-Stowe
Director: Edward Golob
Effects of Varying Mask Stimulus Features During Self-Monitoring on Speech Output in Healthy Adults

Angelique Trask-Tate
Director: Michael Cunningham
The role of racial identity in promoting the academic expectations of African American adolescents

Laura Manning
Director: Edward Golob
Beyond Interference: An Event-Related Potential Analysis of the Role of Previous Stimuli in Non-Verbal Working Memory for Musical Chords

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