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2010-2000 Dissertation Titles


Kate Autin-Yurgil
Director: Ed Golob
Neural Activity Associated with Controlled and Automatic Attention Varies with Age, Working Memory Capacity, and Perceptual Load


Johannes Bohacek (Neuroscience)
Chair: Jill Daniel
Long-Term Ovarian Hormone Deprivation Alters the Responsiveness of the Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex to the Effects of Subsequent Estradiol Treatment in Middle-Aged Rats

Sarah Fontenelle
Chair: Jeffrey Lockman
The Effect of Adult Demonstration on Chinese and American Infant Object - to - Surface Affordance Discovery

Samantha Francois
Chair: Michael Cunningham
Pathways Through Which Neighborhoods Impact Adolescents’ Academic Performance: How Residential Mobility and Race Play a Part.

Lauren Hensley
Chair: Roberto Varela
The Influence of Hurricane Exposure and Anxiety Sensitivity on Panic Symptoms

Tim Luis
Chair: Roberto Varela
Social Cognitive Mechanisms of Separation Anxiety Symptoms in Children

Tara Matthews
Chair: Stacy Overstreet
Attention Deficits in Youth With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Shaefali Pillai Rodgers
Chair: Jill Daniel
Long-Term Cognitive and Neurobiological Consequences of Transient Estradiol Exposure During Middle Age in Ovariectomized Rats

Danielle (Annie) Weiss
Chair: Denise Newman; Co-Chair Jeffrey Lockman
Personality Development and Its Role in Student Performance Among American Indian Youth


Lucinda Lange-DeGrange
Chair: Michael Cunningham
Paternal Support as a Moderator Between Mothers' and Fathers' Control and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms

Rebecca Salvato Ruberg
Chair: Denise Newman
In or Out? Predictors of Educational Attainment in American Indian Youth


Samantha Morrison
Chair: Stacy Overstreet
Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Adolescent Females Following Hurricane Katrina: Coping as a Moderator

Devin L. Wallace
Chair: Janet B. Ruscher
If you've met one, you've met them all? Moderating outgroup homogeneity using the Stereotype Content Model


Kristine Bourgeois
Chair: Jeffrey J. Lockman
Infant Manual Exploration of Objects, Surfaces, and Their Interrelations

Jill C. Bradley
Chair: Ronald S. Landis
Rejection and Deflection: The Case of the "Poor White Trash" Stereotype

Dana Foney
Chair: Michael Cunningham
Why are you Following Me? The Impact of Perceived Negative Youth Experiences on the Behavioral and Emotional Outcomes in African American Urban Youth

Deborah Kruglak Gilman
Chair: Stacy Overstreet
Toward a Greater Understanding of Community Violence: Event Features That Shape the Experience and Impact Mental Health Functioning

Seth A. Kaplan
Chairs: Mary Waller and Ronald S. Landis
The Affective Basis of Team Performance During Nonroutine Events: The Case of Nuclear Power Plant Control Room Crews

Alexa Walthall Khawar
Chair: Jeffrey J. Lockman
Infants' Use of Handled Objects

Christopher Linn
Chair: Terry E. Christenson
Mate Guarding Intensity in Relation to Degree of Potential Sperm Competition in the Orb Weaving Spider Nephila Clavipes (Araneae: Tetragnathidae)

Salimar Ashley Ayub Neal
Chair: Jeffrey J. Lockman
Infants' Use of Multi-Surfaced Objects With and Without Handles

Eden Renee Pruitt
Chair: Janet B. Ruscher
The Influence of Role Conflict on Stress and Hypertension in African Americans

Christopher R. Warren
Chairs: Michael J. Burke and Ronald S. Landis
On the Importance of Balancing Organizational Stakeholders: Investigating Climate Perceptions Using Referent Cognitions and Polynomial Regression

Mike Zyphur
Chair: Ronald S. Landis
Acting Ethically in the Face of Threat: The Effect of Identity and Personality


Jennifer J. Brightwell (Neuroscience)
Chair: Paul Colombo
CAMP Response Element-Binding Protein Is Essential for Long-Term Memory Formation in Hippocampus and Striatum

Yael Efreom
Chair: Stacy Overstreet
Resilience and Vulnerability in the Face of Exposure to Community Violence: Exploring the Impact of Parental Monitoring and Perceptions of Safety on Children's Mental Health

Amy M. Jensen
Chair: Gary Dohanich, Joseph Constans (co-chair)
PTSD-Related Biases in the Assessment of Ambiguous and Unambiguous Affective Faces

DeMarquis Hayes
Chair: Michael Cunningham
Parent's Rating of Involvement to Predict Adolescent's Achievement Scores

Brian P. Mackey
Chair: Melanie McGrath and Michael Cunningham
Are Hypermasculine Attitudes a Risk Factor for Smoking In Men?

Sterett Mercer
Chair: Michael Cunningham
A Multidimensional Investigation of the Racial Identity of White American College Students

Devi Miron
Chair: Barbara Moely
College Students' Community Service Involvement: Preferred Approaches, Match, Satisfaction, and Plans to Continue


Adam P. Barsky
Chair: Ronald S. Landis and Arthur P. Brief
The Ethical Cost of Assigned Performance Goals

Katherine Bevans
Chair: Stacy Overstreet
Relations Between Life Stressors and Salivary Cortisol: The Moderation Roles of Trauma Exposure, Perceptions of Impact, Depressive Symptoms, and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms

Renee Countryman
Chair: Paul J. Colombo
Involvement of c-Fos and CREB in Cortical and Subcortical Brain Regions During Acquisition and Recall of Socially Transmitted Food Preferences

Christy L. McLendon
Chair: Ronald S. Landis
The Differential Perception and Reactivity Model of Occupational Stress

Alecia M. Santuzzi
Chair: Janet B. Ruscher
Perceptions and Metaperceptions of the Stigma Experience: Accuracy and Bias in a Social Relations Model

Kristin Smith-Crowe
Chair: Michael J. Burke and Ronald S. Landis
An Interactionist Perspective on Ethical Decision-Making: Integrative Complexity and the Case of Worker Safety


Germaine Allison
Chair: Stacy Overstreet
The Influences of Gender, Parents, and Friends on the Alcohol-Related Problems of College Freshman.

Arleen Cerbone
Chair: Stacy Overstreet
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Children: Relationship between Parental Stress, Chronic Stress Exposure, and HPA-axis Dysregulation

Chanda D. McGhee
Chair: Michael Cunningham
Enhancing the Motivation of African American High School Students: Improving the Environmental Fit of Racial Identity

Leslie K. Sutro
Chair: Jeffrey J. Lockman
Early Copying: Relating Perception and Action


Lori A. Carroll
Chair: C. Chrisman Wilson
Violence and Coping: Perceptions of Controllability and Social Support as Moderators

Elizabeth A. Deitch
Chairs: Arthur P. Brief and Ronald S. Landis
Concealable Stigma and Well-Being: The Role of Social Identity as a Buffer against Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace

Jennifer D. Kaufman
Chair: Michael J. Burke
Development and Test of a Multiple Stakeholder Citizenship Performance Taxonomy in a Service Setting

Kimberly J. O'Farrell
Chair: Janet B. Ruscher
Relational Devaluation and the Self: Testing an Integrative Model of Self-motivations and the Theory of Hurt Feelings

Katherine A. Robison
Chair: Barbara E. Moely
Student Perceptions of Middle School: Relation to Academic Motivation, Learning Strategies, and Academic Achievement in Science.


Heather Kristl Davison
Chair: Arthur P. Brief and Michael J. Burke
The Paradox of the Contented Female Worker: A Revision and Test of the Theories

Lisa Jackson
Chair: Margaret Dempsey
An Analysis of Coping in Inner-City Adolescents in Relation to Exposure to Community Violence

Cathy Maraist
Chair: Ronald Landis
Alternative Test Modalities: Can Black-White Subgroup Differences be Reduced?

William T. Robinson
Chair: William P. Dunlap
A Comparison of Structural Equation and Moderated Multiple Regression Methods for Detecting Interaction Effects among Manifest Variables

Barry Row
Chair: Gary P. Dohanich
The Role of Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone in the Modulation of Spatial Memory


Daniel J. Beal
Chair: Edgar C. O'Neal
Aggression and Racism: Affective and Inhibitory Mechanisms

Jill M. Daniel
Chair: Gary P. Dohanich
The Role of Acetylcholine in the Estrogen-Induced Increase in Hippocampal NMDA Receptor Binding and in the Associated Enhancement of Working Memory Performance

Aric J. Fader
Chair: Gary P. Dohanich
The Effects of Estrogen Delivered to the Medial Septal Area and Hippocampal Formation on Spatial Performance in a Radial Arm Maze

Jennifer P. Tonglet
Chair: Barbara E. Moely
Influences on Math Homework Completion and Achievement: Students' Attitudes Toward Teacher-Related Factors, Student Motivational Factors, and Environment-Related Factors in Fifth and Eighth Graders

Margaret A. Vaslow
Chair: Barbara E. Moely
Educational Resiliency: The Effects of Motivation on Academic Achievement

Melissa Poche Venezia
Chair Barbara E. Moely
Juvenile Offenders: Profiles and Predictions

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