1999-1994 Dissertation Titles


David Marshall Corey
Chair: William P. Dunlap
Averaging Correlations: An Examination of Alternative Procedures

Elizabeth Leigh Cralley
Chair: Janet B. Ruscher
Effortful Egalitarianism: Stereotype Suppression Requires Both Motivation and Cognitive Resources

Michelle S. Dusig
Chairs: Arthur P. Brief and Michael J. Burke
Enhancing Team Confidence: Collective Efficacy as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Team Leadership Style and Team Outcomes

Karen S. Galambos
Chair: Michael J. Burke
Development And Test Of A Work Satisfaction-Job Performance Framework

Janet Kristin Merritte
Chair: Professor Barbara Moely
A Domain-Specific Investigation of Goal Orientation, Related Cognitive And Behavioral Variables, And A Prediction Model For Academic Achievement

Sherry B. Schnake
Chair: Janet B. Ruscher
The Subtle Communication of Prejudice in Speech to Outgroup Members

Joel B. Vaslow
Chair: Michael J. Burke
The Multiple Stakeholder Model of Psychological Climate: Beyond Employees and Customers

Zhinuan Yu
Chair: William P. Dunlap
The Bivariate Normality Assumption of the Tetachoric Correlation Coefficient


Todd Bukowski
Chair: Terry Christenson
Reproductive Behavior of the Spiny Orb-Weaver Micrathena Gracilis

Bin Dai
Chair: Jeffrey J. Lockman
Infant Exploratory Play Behavior As A Function Of Texture Of Objects

Bin Duan
Chair: William P. Dunlap
The Robustness Of Trimming And Winsorization When The Population Distribution Is Skewed

Jane Goins
Chair: Edgar C. O'Neal
Achievement Motivation in Children: The Development and Validation of a New Instrument

Marie Claude Huynen
Chair: Terry Christenson
Social Interactions of the Adult Female Rhesus (Maceca Mulatta): Variation with Adult Sex Ratio and Social Rank

Deedrah Marie Respess
Chairs: Clarissa S. Holmes; William P. Dunlap
Adherence Behaviors in Puerto Rican Children With Diabetes

Volkan Topalli
Chair: Edgar C. O'Neal
Retaliatory Motivation as Attunement to Hostile Information in Point Light Displays

Zhenping Zhao
Chair: William P. Dunlap
Empirical Critical Values of Box's Epsilon for Testing the Sphericity Condition


Margaret Barton
Chair: Michael J. Burke
Modeling the Prediction of Demonstrating Effort and Maintaining Personal Discipline

Melissa Marie Deichmann
Chairs: Clarissa S. Holmes; William P. Dunlap
Nonverbal Intelligence and the Speed/Accuracy Trade-Off in Children with Diabetes: A Longitudinal Follow-Up

Laura Lawson Duval
Chair: Janet B. Ruscher
The Effect of Communicated Exemplars on Stereotyping and Impression Formation

William Evans
Chair: Gary P. Dohanich
Attentional Mechanisms of Saccadic Eye Movements in Schizophrenics

Paul Ivan Frankel
Chair: Edgar C. O'Neal
Control of Mentation from Within and Without: Mood Management and Thought Suppression

Robin Michele Reizenstein
Chairs: Arthur P. Brief; Michael J. Burke
To Comply or Not to Comply: A Study of the Function of Authority Situations and Prejudice in Employment Decisions


Faith Louise Cohen
Chair: Clarissa S. Holmes
The Interrelationships Between Demographic, Stress, Disease and School-Related Variables in Understanding Academic Performance in Children with Diabetes

Lisa Maye Finkelstein
Chair: Michael J. Burke
A Quasi-Experimental Examination of Hypothesized Contextual Factors Contributing to Age Bias in the Workplace

Nancy Barbara Goldstein
Chairs: Arthur P. Brief; Michael J. Burke
Group Role Ambiguity: The Dark Side of Work Groups

Richard E. Goodwin
Chair: William P. Dunlap
Tests of Generalizability: A Comparison of the Power and Accuracy of Hoben Thomas' Likelihood-based Model of Validity Generalization and the U Statistic

Elliott Dannatt Hammer
Chair: Janet B. Ruscher
Willing But Not Able: Even Low-Prejudiced Perceivers Sometimes Make Stereotypic Attributions

Thomas Joseph Hebert
Chair: Gary P. Dohanich
Gonadal Steroid Regulation of NADPH-Diaphorase Histochemistry in the Male and Female Rat Brain

Charley C. Morrow
Chair: Michael J. Burke
Human Resource Utility Models: An Investigation of Current Models' Assumptions and Perceived Accuracy

Beth Ann O'Brien
Chairs: William P. Dunlap; Lee Zimmerman
Luminance and Chromatic Contrast Effects on Skilled and Disabled Reading Performed With and Without Required Eye Movements

Leigh Schmitt
Chair: Jefferson Sulzer
A Test of the Karasek Job Strain Model for a Sample of Civil Service Clerical Workers and Supervisors


Theresa Constans
Chair: Jeffrey J. Lockman
Prematurity Stereotype: Maternal Perceptions of Premature Infants Among Low and Middle Income African-American Mothers of Full-term and Premature Infants

Mifrando Salcedo Obach
Chair: Barbara E. Moely
Developmental Changes in Children's Metacognitions about Study Activities, Motivational Beliefs for Learning, and Academic Self-Efficacy During Middle School

Stacy Lee Overstreet
Chair: Clarissa S. Holmes
Effects of Chronic Hyperglycemia and Race on Cognitive Functioning in Children and Adolescents with Diabetes

Lisa Kay Tesvich
Chair: Jefferson Sulzer
A Construct Validation Study of a Police Entrance Examination


Patricia Lynn Blackwell
Chair: Jeffrey J. Lockman
Mother-Infant Interaction in Cocaine Affected Dyads and Infant Development Over the First Nine Months of Life

Ligia Maria Chavez
Chair: Edgar C. O'Neal
The Cognitive Cost of Mood Regulation

Lior Givon
Chair: Arnold Gerall
Expression of mRNA for the Estrogen Receptor in Neonatally Androgenized Female and Castrated Male Rats

Tammy Greer
Chair: William P. Dunlap
The Effects of Skew on Internal Consistency

Michele Elizabeth Ann Jayne
Chair: Michael J. Burke
Family Role Identification as a Source of Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Parenthood and Organizational Commitment

Cheok Yuen Lee
Chair: William P. Dunlap
Averaging Performance Across Trails of Skill Acquisition: Maximizing Reliability with Matrices Having Superdiagonal Form

Michelle Marcia Pettaway
Chair: Jefferson Sulzer
The Development and Validation of the New Orleans Police Department Written Communication Test

Lina Merle Wiessman
Chair: Clarissa S. Holmes
A Motivational Approach to Psychological Predictors of Adherence Behaviors in Adolescents with Diabetes Mellitus

Elizabeth Ann Yost
Chair: Janet B. Ruscher
What Do We Think of Her Now? The Role of Motivation and Cognitive Capacity in Transactive Impression Formation

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