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Masters Thesis Titles


Renee Lamoreau
Director: Sarah Gray
Childhood exposure to intimate partner violence: Examining parent-child emotion dialogues and preschoolers’ self-regulation development

Brenna Mossman
Director: Michael Hoerger
Improving Caregiver Palliative Care Knowledge and Attitudes: Evaluating the Impact of a Psychoeducational Intervention Among Friends and Families of Those with Cancer

Stephanie Oshrin
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Facilitators and Barriers to School-Based Mental Health During Times of Crisis: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Annabelle Reese
Director: Jeffrey Lockman
The development of body knowledge in the first 18 months of life: exploratory self-touch during passive locomotion

Hilary Skov
Director: Sarah Gray
Biomarkers of self-regulation moderate associations between COVID stress exposure and child externalizing symptoms".


Monica Daniels
Director: Courtney Baker
Do Teachers’ Attitudes about Trauma-Informed Care Predict Trauma-Informed Behaviors in the Classroom? 

Riana Gaudet
Director: Jeff Lockman
Monolingual and Bilingual Children’s Visual Processing of Words During Handwriting: An Eye-tracking Study

Miguel Velasquez Vasquez
Director: Paul Colombo
The effects of neural entrainment on sensorimotor synchronization


Maya Cohen
Director: Laurie O'Brien
Masked behind the screen: Dominant group perceptions of sexual racism in online dating profiles

Raquel Gutierrez
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Predicting behavior problems in schools using the strengths and difficulties questionnaire

Jarrad Hodge
Director: Michael Cunningham
Believe and Achieve: Examining how Academic Self-Esteem promotes Academic Achievement and College Aspirations in Black Adolescents

Kyra Ness-Lanckriet
Director: Damian Murray
Motivations for safe sex: How fundamental social motives influence safe sex behaviors

Andrew Orapallo
Director: Courtney Baker
Examining the Effectiveness of the ARC Training Framework in the Head Start Trauma Smart Program: Preschool Staff Satisfaction, Knowledge, and Attitudes


Zachary Airington
Director: Damian Murray
Smelling trouble: Investigating the potential role of olfaction in negative evaluations of outgroup members

Whitney Davis
Director: Stacy Overstreet
School suspensions: Identifying protective factors for urban Black youth exposed to community violence

Lauren DeBlanc
Director: Jeff Lockman
The development of infant self-touch in the first half-year after birth

Brianna Keenan
Director: Julie Markant
Differential development of race- and species-based selective attention biases

Sally Merritt
Director: Janet Ruscher
Do stressed female role models hinder women's interest in male-dominated domains?

Stephanie Moberg
Director: Courtney Baker
ABCs of ACEs: Adverse outcomes and buffers of adversity in preschool children

Elsia Obus
Director: Sarah Gray
Communicating with young children about police, arrest, and incarceration: Black mothers' perspective

Casi Rupp
Director: Courtney Baker
Identifying Parenting Practices Important in the Development of Oppositional Defiant Behavior in an Urban, Racial and Ethnic Minority Population

Freya Woods
Director: Janet Ruscher
"Calling out" or "Calling in": The Impact of Confronter Communication Style on Lay Perceptions of Confrontation Motivation and Outcome

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