The Department annually names recipients of undergraduate and graduate awards

Undergraduate Awards

  • The Aaron Hartman Medal in Psychology (est. 1930)
  • The Rosa Cahn Hartman Prize in Psychology
  • The Senior Scholar
  • The Faculty Memorial Award (est. 2016)
  • Faculty Award for Research in Psychological Science (est. 2020)
  • Faculty Award for Applied Psychological Research (est. 2020)
  • The Arnold Gerall Prize in Neuroscience (est. 1991)
  • The Barbara E. Moely Award for Psychology in the Public Interest (est. 2008)
  • The Anne M. McPherson Memorial Student Award (est. 2010)

Graduate Awards

  • Robert E. Flowerree Summer Research Fellowships (est. 1980)
  • The William P. Dunlap Memorial Summer Research Fellowship (est. 2002)
  • The Doris Patricia O'Quinn Ph.D. Fellowship (est. 2010)
  • The C. Chrisman Wilson Memorial Award for Graduate Student Teaching in Psychology (est. 2013)
  • Graduate Student Research Award (est. 2018)
  • Graduate Student Mentoring Award (est. 2018)
  • Master’s Program Distinguished Scholar (est. 2020)