Jeffrey J. Lockman, Ph.D.

Research Professor

(504) 862-3325
School of Science & Engineering
Jeffrey Lockman


3010 Percival Stern Hall

Courses Taught

Child Psychology: PSYC 321

Infancy: PSYC 326

Developmental Psychology: PSYC 702

Education & Affiliations

Ph.D., 1980, University of Minnesota


My research interests center on perception-action and cognitive development. In my recent work, I have been studying the development of tool use in children and how it might be related to the object manipulation skills of infants. Additionally, I have been conducting work on spatial cognition in children, focusing on how children code the location of objects and object features. Dr. Lockman’s research program can be found at Dr. Lockman is currently accepting graduate students.

Selected Publications

Lockman, J. J., & Tamis-LeMonda, C. S., (Eds.) (in press).  The Cambridge Handbook of Infant Development.  New York:  Cambridge University Press. 

Rachwani, J., Tamis-LeMonda, C. S, Lockman, J. J., Karasik, L. B., Adolph, K E. (2020).  Learning the designed actions of everyday objects.  Journal of Experimental Psychology:  General, 149, 67-78.

Chinn, L. K., Hoffmann, M., Leed, J. E., & Lockman, J. J. (2019).  Reaching with one arm to the other:  Coordinating touch, proprioception, and action during infancy.    Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 183, 19-32.

Chinn, L. K., Noonan, C. F., Hoffmann, M., & Lockman, J. J. (2019).  Development of infant reaching strategies to tactile targets on the face.   Frontiers in Psychology.

Fears, N. E., Bailey, B., Youmans, B., & Lockman, J. J.  (2019).  An eye-tracking method for directly assessing children’s visual-motor integration.   Physical Therapy, 99, 797-806.

Heathcock, J. C., & Lockman, J. J. (2019).  Infant and child development:  Innovations and foundations for rehabilitation.  Physical Therapy, 99, 643-646,

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Jung, W. P., Kahrs, B. A., & Lockman, J.J.  (2018). Fitting handled objects into apertures by 17-  to 36-month-old children: The dynamics of spatial coordination. Developmental Psychology, 54, 228-239.

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