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Institutional Review

All research involving animals and humans must be approved by the appropriate university review committee prior to data collection. Please consult the Sponsored Projects Administration's website for forms, policies, et cetera.

Institutional Review of Research with Human Participants
Proposed research involving human participants must be submitted and approved by one of Tulane University’s Institutional Review Boards (IRB).  Investigators must complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative training (CITI) and submit their proposals through IRBNet.

Invasive Medical Procedures
Human research involving invasive medical procedures such as blood draws, magnetic imaging, or drug administration must be submitted to the biomedical IRB committee. Noninvasive medical procedures may be submitted to the Uptown IRB, as noted below.

Social/Behavioral Human Research
Human research using behavioral, survey, and non-invasive medical procedures should be submitted to the Uptown IRB. Most human research conducted in the Department of Psychology will require review through the Uptown IRB committee.

Undergraduate Student Participants
If university students are intended as research participants, the following policy should be observed. Students who are given the option of participating in research for points in a course or extra credit by instructors of courses offered through the Department of Psychology must also be given the option of participating in a comparable non-research experience for points in a course or extra credit.

The University IRB will typically require a description of a non-research participation points in a course or extra credit options. Non-research experiences may include but are not limited to a) attending and describing a research colloquium or b) writing a short critique of an empirical research paper or c) reading and writing about a research ethics issue. These points in a course or extra credit alternatives must be comparable in time and effort to the research participation option. Extra credit will be added on after the instructor determines final grades based on regular required coursework. Students should be able to fulfill 100% of course requirements without participating in any research or substitute extra credit options.

Institutional Review of Research with Animal Subjects
Research involving animals must be approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).