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Tulane's School of Science and Engineering is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We are actively preparing for online teaching and monitoring developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information, click here.

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River-Coastal Science and Engineering

Welcome to the Department of River-Coastal Science and Engineering (RCSE), Tulane School of Science and Engineering’s newest academic department! The department is envisioned to be a unique educational enterprise that will focus on the world’s river, deltaic and coastal systems using the combined science and engineering approach pioneered by the School of Science and Engineering. By fusing civil, environmental, and coastal ocean engineering disciplines with elements of the geosciences and ecological sciences, the goal is to educate a new generation and new breed of scientists, engineers, planners and decision-makers that can address the complex, interdisciplinary problems in river-coastal systems associated with changing climate, sea level rise, and the human overprints of the natural landscape. The interdisciplinary aspect of this new department’s educational and research mission will also draw heavily upon the deep expertise faculty and staff partners in other departments within the School of Science and Engineering and in Tulane’s other schools and faculty working on water-related issues, as well as foster collaboration with local and regional government scientists.

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