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Graduate Research Opportunities

The Department of River-Coastal Science and Engineering is in the process of designing novel and innovative graduate programs that will be rolled out in the next several years. While it is too early to report on the specifics of the degree program(s), the department is committed to, at the minimum, creating:

  1. A thesis masters program that is available both as a traditional residential program, and as a non-residence master’s program for employed professionals in the field that builds upon the present 15 credit Graduate Certificate in River Science and Engineering
  2. A traditional Doctor of Philosophy (PhD program). As is mandated by Tulane University for all PhD programs, this degree will require a minimum one year period of residency during the degree program.

It should be noted that tenure-track professors in RCSE are already accepting applications for PhD students to work with them as major advisor through the School of Science and Engineering’s Interdisciplinary PhD program. It is the intention of RCSE that these students will be incorporated in the departmental PhD (#2 above) when it has been stood up and accredited. For more information about Interdisciplinary PhD possibilities, prospective students should reach out to individual RCSE faculty in their area of interest. Master’s applications are not being accepted at this time and until #1 above has been stood up and accredited.