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The Department of River-Coastal Science and Engineering is a featured element of the post-Katrina regrowth of engineering at Tulane and follows the cross-disciplinary model of the School of Science and Engineering. RCSE is an opportunity for Tulane to emerge at the forefront of engineering-science convergence research in the river-coastal realm. Convergence research is defined by the U.S. National Science Foundation as:

  • Research driven by a specific and compelling problem. Research requiring a convergence paradigm is generally inspired by the need to address a specific challenge or opportunity, whether it arises from deep scientific questions or pressing societal needs.
  • Deep integration across disciplines. As experts from different disciplines pursue common research challenges, their knowledge, theories, methods, data, research communities and languages become increasingly intermingled or integrated. New frameworks, paradigms or disciplines can form from sustained interactions across multiple communities.

We will be unlike any department in the nation. RCSE has been marked as a focus area in Tulane’s Only the Audacious capital campaign. If you would be interested in helping us create this unique educational and research endeavor, please reach out through the Director of Development in the School of Science and Engineering.