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Pregnancy disorder subject of new Tulane study

A Tulane University researcher has received a grant that will support the development of new imaging methods to improve the treatment of... more

Tulane team researching ways to end opioid addiction Nov 19, 2019 Barri Bronston

A Tulane University researcher is joining more than 40 universities from across the United States in looking for ways to improve treatment of chronic pain and ultimately achieve long-term recovery from opioid addiction. Michael J. Moore, professor of biomedical engineering in the Tulane School of... more

Tulane team competes in ‘world’s fastest invention competition’ Sep 18, 2019 Barri Bronston

A Tulane team selected to compete in the APT/PBS reality show “Make48” may take home a top prize. But you’ll have to tune in to see just what the team invented and where it placed out of 12 national collegiate teams. Billed as the “world’s fastest invention competition,” “Make48" is a MakerSpace-... more

Tulane professor to help find better treatment for respiratory disease May 14, 2019 Barri Bronston

A Tulane University biomedical engineering professor will share in a $2.6 million grant to research better ways of managing acute respiratory distress syndrome, also known as ARDS, a rapidly progressive disease caused by fluid buildup in the lungs and an overwhelming inflammatory response.  With no... more

Tulane PhD student wins regional Three Minute Thesis Competition May 10, 2019 Jasmine Davidson

  On Feb. 16, Tulane bioinnovation PhD student Samantha Kurtz was selected as the winner of the 2019 Three Minute Thesis Competition. The contest took place in Knoxville, Tennessee, at the annual meeting of the Council of Southern Graduate Schools (CSGS). As its name suggests, participants have... more

Pregnancy disorder subject of new Tulane study Mar 12, 2019 Barri Bronston

An imaging technique used to detect some forms of cancer can also help detect preeclampsia in pregnancy before it becomes a life-threatening condition, a new Tulane study says. Preelcampsia is a hypertensive disorder that accounts for 14 percent of global maternal deaths annually and affects 5 to 8... more

From lab to space Dec 13, 2018 Keith Brannon

Wound-healing technology developed at Tulane by former biomedical engineering graduate students blasted off on the SpaceX Dragon Cargo Ship for experiments on the International Space Station. Click the image below to learn more about their project's journey into outer space.

Lessons from Peru Oct 25, 2018 Barri Bronston

They delighted in everything Peru had to offer, from fishing on the Amazon to bird-watching in the rainforest to surfing on the Pacific. But this was anything but a vacation. For Siyang Hu, Claire Sentilles, Shreya Gunda, Rachel Russell and Ellie Pepperell, seniors in biomedical engineering at... more

Prostate cancer patients target of new $1.6M Tulane study Oct 16, 2018 Barri Bronston

A Tulane University researcher has won a $1.6 million grant to develop a tool that could lower tumor recurrence in cancer patients, especially those with prostate cancer. J. Quincy Brown, associate professor of biomedical engineering, will join forces with what he calls an interdisciplinary “dream... more

Tulane University joins regional biomedical technology accelerator hub Oct 11, 2018 Keith Brannon

Tulane University has joined a consortium of 24 academic institutions to create a new hub to accelerate the commercialization of life sciences research and biomedical innovations. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences, a division of the National Institutes of Health, awarded a $3.5... more

Game of cubes Jul 23, 2018 Barri Bronston

When Tulane University alumnus Luke Hooper entered his wireless game Lumen into the 2018 Edison Awards competition – which honors the most innovative new products, services and business leaders in America – he did so knowing that his chances of winning were probably nil. The game wasn’t on the... more