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Ph.D. Program

We enhance the academic preparation of our graduate students in engineering, mathematics, and the life and basic sciences. Our graduate students are our junior colleagues, and we furnish them with the advanced and current coursework, professional guidance, and equipment/facilities that are critical to their participation in biomedical engineering research and scholarship. We coach our students as they conduct independent research and pursue careers related to one of the major themes of biomedical engineering.

Initial Eligibility Requirements
  • Complete applications will require transcripts; a personal statement indicating motivation, research experience, research interests, interest in the program, and career aspirations; and three recommendations.
  • International applicants must submit TOEFL scores unless they have received a degree from an English-speaking institution
  • Application deadline is January 15 for the following Fall semester. Admission in the Spring semester generally requires an approved prior arrangement, and so applications are accepted on a case-by-case basis.
Recommended Undergraduate Coursework

The following curriculum is generally taken as an undergraduate prior to matriculation to Tulane’s BME graduate program (course numbers are equivalent Tulane courses satisfying each requirement).

  • 1 year of college physics (PHYS 1310-1320)
  • 1 year of college chemistry (CHEM 1070-1080)
  • 1 semester of biology with lab (CELL 1010)
  • 1 course in computer programming (BMEN 2020)
  • 3 semesters of calculus (MATH 1210-1220, MATH 2210)
  • 1 semester of differential equations (MATH 2240)
  • 1 semester of statics (ENGP 1410)
  • 1 semester of mechanics of materials (ENGP 2430)
  • 1 semester of fluid mechanics (BMEN 3440)
  • 1 semester of materials engineering (ENGP 3120)
  • 1 semester of circuits (ENGP 2010)
  • 1 semester of electronics (BMEN 2730)

Prior to commencing coursework at Tulane, an entering graduate student who is deficient in this preparation will prepare a proposed curriculum in conjunction with the Director of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Degree Credit Requirements

(numbers in parentheses are Tulane courses satisfying each requirement)

Anatomy and Physiology with Lab (BMEN 6030/6035) 3 credits + 1 lab credit

Quantitative Physiology with Lab (BMEN 6070/6075) 3 credits + 1 lab credit

Advanced Mathematics * *Introductory Biostatistics (BIOS 6030) will not count towards the Advanced Mathematics requirement 3 credits

Biomedical Engineering Domain Credits (click here) Maximum of 1 3xxx course 9 credits

Elective courses 9 credits

Research Seminar (BMEN 6710 – register every fall) 4 credits (Maximum allowed)

Remaining credits may be satisfied by BMEN 7310-7320 Research in BME (graded), Directed Readings, or didactic courses 15 credits

20 credits required to take PhD qualifying exam

48 total credits required for graduation

Financial Support Considerations

The Department of Biomedical Engineering provides aid to support our graduate students in paying for the cost of graduate education. All PhD students are supported with full tuition waivers and monthly stipends in the form of either teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or 3rd party fellowships. The stipend for incoming students entering in Academic Year 2019-2020 was $28,000 for 12-months in residence plus 50% per semester credit for a Tulane-sponsored health insurance plan. We are careful not to admit students to the PhD program unless we intend for them to be fully supported.Recipients of merit-based financial aid are chosen solely based on academic qualifications.