Career Opportunities

The major in Cell and Molecular Biology prepares the student for a variety of careers which require a working knowledge of biological principles and the molecular and cellular approaches to solving basic problems or to improving the quality of human life. Students who wish no further formal training after their B.S. degree find positions in education, government and industry, especially in the expanding health-services, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology is also ideal preparation for careers requiring additional study, such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, nursing and other health-related professions, environmental policy and law, and professions requiring a graduate degree in biology or the other biomedical sciences. Students interested in education might wish to visit the Teach for America website.

Cell 2220 - Careers in Cell and Molecular Biology

This weekly seminar course is open to all CMB majors and is designed to introduce students to the many opportunities afforded them by a degree in cell and molecular biology. Students will be exposed to various facets of different career paths by established professionals in those fields. Students will have the opportunity to network and receive retrospective advice from a range of professionals. This will help students to fine tune their coursework and extracurricular activities during the remainder of their undergraduate education so that they are best prepared for multiple possible careers by the time they graduate. Additionally, students will learn how to craft a CV and a cover letter, and can choose to post these materials in a database to match them with potential research and clinical opportunities in the semesters that follow.