CMB Events


Congratulations to Apurva Gahankari, winner of the Bernard Sarnat Award at the 2024 International Association of Dental and Craniofacial Research meeting!!

Congratulations to Yao Tong, PhD and her advisor, Shusheng Wang! Yao defended her dissertation, 'Comparative mechanistic
study of RPE cell death induced by different oxidative stresses
' on July 10, 2023. 

Annual Cell and Molecular Biology Department Retreat

October 20-22, LUMCON

Keynote speaker - Dr. Matthew Dalva, Director of the Tulane Brain Institute

Congratulations to all the presenters our award winners!

Platform presentation:

Graduate students- Garrett Bartoletti, Adella Guidroz

Postdocs - Natsumi Hoshino, Srikanth Kolluru


Victoria Baccini, Tianyi Xiao, Edward Looker, 

Seminar Series

FALL 2023

All seminars at 4:00 pm in Boggs 105 unless otherwise noted.  

Friday, September 13 - Dr. Heddwen Brooks, Professor and Chair, Department of Physiology, Tulane School of Medicine

'Role of menopause in accelerating hypertension, inflammation and diabetic kidney disease'

Friday, September 29 - Dr. Daniel Howsmon, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Tulane University

Friday, October 13 - Dr. Sarah Lindsey, Department of Pharmacology, Tulane School of Medicine 

Friday, October 27 - Yisu Li, CMB PhD student, Work-in-progress

Friday, November 10 - Dmitry Traktuev, Associate Professor, University of Florida


All seminars at 3:00 pm in Boggs 105 unless otherwise noted.  

Friday, January 19 - Shreya Bavishi, Tianyi Xiao, CMB PhD students, Work-in-progress

Friday, January 26 - Kylie Browne, Tianhao Wu, CMB PhD students, Work-in-progress

Friday, February 2 - Qi Zhou, Yinga Wu, CMB PhD student, Work-in-progress

Friday, February 16 - Dr. Ron Lynch, Professor, University of Arizona

Friday, March 15- Dr. Jian-Fu 'Jeff' Chen, Associate Professor, Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology, USC

'Lymphatics in skull-brain communication and craniofacial disorders'

Friday, April 5 - Apurva Gahankari, Garrett Bartoletti, CMB PhD students, Work-in-progress

Friday, April 12 - Dr. Patrice Fort, Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Friday, April 19 - Youad Darwish, Anirban Ray, CMB PhD students, Work-in-progress

Friday, April 26 - Rajan KC, Adella Guidroz, CMB PhD students, Work-in-progress