Departmental Office Staff

Keitris Bourgeois
Operations Manager
Keitris coordinates all aspects of departmental building and equipment maintenance as well as repairs and renovations for core and research labs. She is called upon to place purchase orders for research and core lab equipment, supplies and chemicals. She also provides, with the assistance of Technology Services, technology support to the faculty and staff. 

Shana Johnson
Senior Program Coordinator

 Shana handles personnel and payroll issues for the department, as well as manages the department budgets She also assists undergraduate and graduate students with curriculum and registration questions.

Haini Yu
Lab Supervisor

Haini coordinates and supervises the undergraduate teaching labs; provides support for the Faculty and Teaching Assistants; manages the departmental laboratory facilities and serves as the Departmental Safety Representative. Haini has experience in a wide variety of bio-analytical techniques as well as years of work in academic research laboratories.