Nancye H. Dawers

Associate Professor

Office Address
208 Blessey Hall
School of Science & Engineering

Courses Taught

EENS 1110 – Planet Earth

EENS 3410/6410 – Structural Geology

EENS 4320/6320 – Subsurface Geology

EENS 6060 – Tectonic Geomorphology

EENS 7010 – Techniques in Geoscience Writing


Education & Affiliations

Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Edinburgh, 1996-1999
Ph.D., Columbia University, 1997
M.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1987
B.S., University of Kentucky, 1984


My research focuses on understanding the processes and time-scales over which brittle faults grow, interact and evolve. This includes studying fault structure and patterns of displacement accumulation on faults, fault scaling relationships, and the temporal evolution recorded in basin stratigraphy and in landscapes.  Geographically, much of my work on fault evolution and tectonic landscape development has been within the Eastern California shear zone and in the northern Basin & Range. I also have projects in south Louisiana looking at recently active faults, how salt flow affects these faults, and the contribution of these processes to subsidence and coastal wetland loss.


Selected Publications

SELA Fault Traces Interpreted from Seismic Data and Literature Sources 
LTRC Project 18-3GT and Tran-SET Project No. 17GTLSU12…

Hopkins, M. C. and Dawers, N. H., 2018, The role of fault length, overlap and spacing in controlling extensional relay ramp fluvial system geometry: Basin Research, v. 30, p. 20–34. doi:10.1111/bre.12240 [Editors’ Choice selection]

Shen, Z. X., Dawers, N. H., Tornqvist, T. E., Gasparini, N. M., Hijma, M. P., and Mauz, B., 2017, Mechanisms of late Quaternary fault throw-rate variability along the north central Gulf of Mexico coast: implications for coastal subsidence: Basin Research, v. 29, no. 5, p. 557-570. doi:10.1111/bre.12184

Hopkins, M. C., and Dawers, N. H., 2016, Vertical deformation of lacustrine shorelines along breached relay ramps, Catlow Valley fault, southeastern Oregon, USA: Tectonophysics, v. 674, p. 89-100.

Hopkins, M. C., and Dawers, N. H., 2015, Changes in bedrock channel morphology driven by displacement rate increase during normal fault interaction and linkage: Basin Research, v. 27, no. 1, p. 43-59. doi:10.1111/bre.12072

Densmore, A.L., Hetzel, R., Ivy-Ochs, S., Krugh, W.C., Dawers, N., and Kubik, P., 2009, Spatial variations in catchment-averaged denudation rates from normal fault footwalls, Geology, 37, 1139-1142, doi: 10.1130/G30164A.1.

Densmore, A.L., Dawers, N.H., Gupta, S., and Guidon, R. , 2005, What sets topographic relief in extensional footwalls?, Geology, 33, 453-456.

Dawers, N.H., and Underhill, J.R., 2000, The role of fault interaction and linkage in controlling syn-rift stratigraphic sequences: Late Jurassic, Statfjord East area, northern North Sea, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, 84, 45-64.

Additional publications available at Google Scholar