Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate Program

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Tulane University offers a certificate program in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS interfaces, like ESRI ArcGIS, are focused on integration, management and interpretation of remote and ground-based datasets and are important tools for a variety of fields, including physical and environmental sciences, life science, urban planning and management, political science, civil engineering, anthropology, economy/business, education administration, real estate, public health and health care.

The primary goal of this certificate program is to ensure that students become grounded in GIS concepts and theory including organization, management, and visualization of geospatial data, as well as in the acquisition and interpretation of remote datasets.


A minimum of 13 credits distributed over two required courses and two electives is necessary to complete the GIS certificate. This coursework is typically completed over two years.

  • Required Courses
  1. EENS 3150/6150: Introduction to GIS (4 Credits)
  2. EENS 4030/6030: Advanced GIS (3 Credits)
  • Elective Courses
  1. EENS 4180/6180: Introduction to Remote Sensing (3 Credits)
  2. EENS 4370: Independent Study in GIS and Remote Sensing (3 credits)
  3. EENS 4380/6380: Remote Sensing for Environmental Analysis (3 Credits)
  4. EENS 4390/6390: Geospatial Data Analysis (3 Credits)

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate GIS Certificate Program
    Applicants must be Tulane undergraduate students*. No prior knowledge of GIS is required.
  • Graduate GIS Certificate Program
    Students must be admitted to a graduate program at Tulane University. No prior knowledge of GIS is required.
  • Professional GIS Certificate Program
    Under Development

*Loyola undergraduates completing coursework at Tulane through a consortium agreement are not eligible to receive the certificate.

Apply Now

Students intending to complete the certificate should declare their enrollment in the GIS Certificate program by completing the 'Major/Minor Declaration' form to the Newcomb-Tulane College Academic Advising Center. Students should list 'GIS Certificate' as a minor and request the necessary signatures, including from the GIS Certificate Program Director.

Students should complete the Declaration of Intent form when they decide to pursue the GIS Certificate. This allows the faculty to coordinate the number and frequency of certificate course offerings.

In their final semester, students should complete the GIS Certificate Completion form to the program director (see below) for certification of course requirements pending in-progress courses.

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