EENS Departmental Highlights

The Washington Post: Facing the surge
August 7, 2023

Student Receives Summer Undergraduate Program for Planetary Research (SUPPR) Internship
April 7, 2021
EES Student Sasha Culvahouse received one of 8 internship positions. Congratulations, Sasha! 

Student Receives an Outstanding Student Presentation Award at AGU 2020
March 4, 2021
PhD student Martin Musila was awarded an OPSA during this year's meeting. Congratulations, Martin!

PhD Student Featured on EGU Blogs
March 20, 2020
Keir Nichols was a guest author for the Cryosphere division explaining how radiocarbon can help us understand ice sheets.  

EENS Graduate Student Receives AGU Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Young Researcher Spotlight
August 30, 2019
PhD student Sam Anderson is interviewed for the AGU EPSP September Young Researcher Spotlight.

New Elevation Measure Shows Climate Change Could Quickly Swamp the Mekong Delta
August 28, 2019
Torbjörn Törnqvist, geology professor at Tulane, says inaccurate topography data hinders efforts to predict how soon part of a delta can fall below sea level.

High School intern guides discovery of world’s largest underwater eruption.
May 21, 2019
New Orleans Science and Technology High School senior Makiyah Cormick studied time-space patterns of East African earthquakes during a 2018 internship in Tulane's Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, and he spotted an unusual pattern. After comparisons with earthquakes occuring during recent Galapagos and Hawaii eruptions, he concluded that the earthquakes were caused by a submarine eruption on Mayotte volcano, Comoros. He presented his results at the Fall American Geophysical Union meeting in Washington DC, and his abstract motivated French scientists to undertake marine surveys in the area. Their exciting discoveries of a new volcano in construction are published in Science. Unfortunately, we won't be able to name the new volcano Mt Makiyah. Read More >>

Student Awarded at the South Central GSA Section Meeting
March 29, 2019
Rachel Sortor, PhD student was awarded the student presentation award for the South Central GSA Section Meeting this week.