Faculty Research Areas

Solid Earth and Planetary Science
Dawers, Ebinger, Jackson, Whitten

Surface and Sedimentary Processes
Allison, Dawers, FriessGasparini, Straub, Tornqvist, Whitten

Climate and the Environment
Agnew, Ebinger, FriessGaspariniJackson Straub, Tornqvist

Research Facilities

Computer Laboratory and Software

The department’s computer lab is used for computer-based courses, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, and it is used by graduate students for research purposes. It is an important resource for teaching GIS, remote sensing, and subsurface interpretation, particularly 3D structural geology and 3D stratigraphy, and makes important software programs available to students, including (but not limited to) MathWorks Matlab, Generic Mapping Tools, Harris Geospatial Solutions ENVI, Golden Software Surfer, IHS Kingdom suite, Midland Valley 2D and 3D Move, and Geochemist’s Workbench. The lab features 15 quad core PC workstations, with dual monitors. We have a large-format color printer, and general purpose printers.  The room is equipped with a computer projection system and a GeoWall is available for 3D visualization.



  • Earth and Environmental Sciences is an active member of CSDMS, IRIS, UNAVCO, CIG, and students participate in training sessions, workshops, and conferences.