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Program Objectives

NSCI class of 2019 graduates

A major in Neuroscience allows a student to pursue an interdepartmental curriculum that focuses on the role of the nervous system in regulating physiological processes. Neuroscience combines many traditional fields of study including Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, and Physiology. The field of Neuroscience encompasses a broad domain that ranges from the cellular and molecular control of brain cells to the regulation of responses in whole organisms.

Any full-time Newcomb-Tulane College student is eligible to declare Neuroscience as a major, preferably before the beginning of the junior year. Upon declaration of the major, the student will be assigned to a faculty advisor who is a member of the Program Faculty. The advisor will meet regularly with the student to plan and monitor the course curriculum, approve changes in the curriculum, assist in development of research activities, plan post-graduate studies, and certify completion of major requirements for graduation.