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2010-2000 Masters Thesis Titles


Balachandar Kathirvelu
Director: Paul Colombo
Learning-induced Changes in CREB Phosphorylation During Memory Formation: Evidence for Interaction between the Hippocampus and Dorsal Striatum

Qi Li
Director: Jeff Lockman
Infant Object Exploration of Different Handles

Sara Redahan
Director: Jeff Lockman
Planning Strategies and Orienting Objects During Tool Use

Christine Sassane
Director: Janet Ruscher
Community Coping After Hurricane Katrina: The Effects of Mental Health and Vicarious Traumatization on the Construction of Personal Trauma Narratives


Alyssa Boasso
Director: Janet Ruscher
Mechanisms Influencing Reactions to Bereaved Individuals: The Relations Among Social Attraction, Perseveration, Mood and Expected Grief Duration

Kelly Holmes
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Cortisol Dysregulation in Youth With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

John Holmes
Director: Ed Golob
The Effect of Spatial Attention on Event-Related Potentials: A Study of Auditory Objects and Spatial Localization

Rosa Maria Mulser
Director: Michael Cunningham
The Roles of Racial Identity, Race-Related Stressors, and Academic Achievement in Rural African-American Adolescents

Jill West
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Hurricane Katrina and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The Moderating Roles of Social Support and Age


Kate Autin Yurgil
Director: Edward Golob
Neural Activity Associated with Conscious Perception: EEG and ERP Fluctuations Before and After a Dichotic Stimulus

Heather Brandt
Director: Denise Newman
Blurring The Signal: The Impact of Parental Distress on the Congruence of Parent and Adolescent Report of Internalizing Symptoms

Elizabeth Carey
Director: Lisa Szechter
Encouraging Young Scientists: Parent-Child Interactions at an Informal Science Education Center

Charles Corprew
Director: Michael Cunningham
Personal and Social Factors Associated with Academic Outcomes in African American Adolescent Males

Lauren Hitt
Director: Enrique Varela
Fears in Hispanic Youth

Kyle Hucke
Director: Michael Cunningham
Sports as a Buffering Variable on the Relationship Between Negative Youth Experiences and Bravado Attitudes in Male African American Adolescents

Bjorn Alexander Kahrs
Director: Jeffrey Lockman
Trial Based Learning of a Manual Task

Jennifer Kuhn
Director: Stacy Overstreet
The Relations Among Coping Self-Efficacy, Exposure to Hurricane Katrina, and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in African American Youth

Kathryn Moore
Director Enrique Varela
Moderators in the Relationship Between Exposure to Hurricane Katrina and Long-term Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms

Shaefali Pillai Rodgers
Director: Paul Colombo
Memory System-Specificity in The Molecular Mechanisms of Spatial Learning

Angelique Trask-Tate
Director: Michael Cunningham
Planning Ahead: Examining the Relations Between School Support and Parental Involvement in the Development of Future Academic Expectations in Resilient African American Adolescents


Lee Ann Carnes
Director: Jeff Lockman

Bernice Kaufman
Director: Dave Corey
An ERP Study of the Stroop Task and Emotional Stroop Task

Laura Manning
Director: Edward Golob
A Neurophysiological Perspective on Speech and Music Perception


Jeffrey Beyers
Director: Professor Wallace
On the Nature of Situational Judgment Tests: A Meta-Analysis of Constructs Assessed and Criterion Validities of SJT's

Michael Christian
Director: Professor Edwards
Conscientiousness and Regulatory Focus: Narrowing the Bandwidth to Predict Escalation of Commitment in the Face of Failure

Samantha Francois
Director: Professor Cunningham
Where We Live: How Perceived Social Support Moderates the Relationship Between Neighborhood Contexts and Academic Functioning for African American Adolescents

Lauren Hensley
Director: Professor Varela
Pediatric Somatization and Anxiety Sensitivity Following Hurricane Katrina

Faye Kim
Director: Professor Wilson
Increasing Social Interation in High Functioning Kindergarteners With Autism Spectrum Disorder Through the Use of Reinforcement, Pivotal Response Training, and Self-Monitoring with Countoons

Lucinda Lang
Director: Professor Cunningham
Perceived Social Support and Ego Resiliency in African American Adolescent Females

Timothy Luis
Director: Professor Varela
Parenting Practices and Childhood Anxiety Reporting: A Comparison of Mexican, Mexican American and Europeon American Families

Amanda Shull
Director: Professor Wallace
Emotional Labor Questionnaire: Scale Development and Validation

Flannery Stevens
Director: Professor Edwards
What's Your MOTIF? A Framework Measuring Orientations of Cross-Race Feedback Giving

Kristin Walker
Director: Professor Ruscher
Virtual Jigsaw Classroom: A Modern Application of a Classic Method

Danielle (Annie) Weiss
Director: Professor Newman
Longitudinal Contribution of Effortful Control for School Readiness Director: Professor Newman


Yamile Molina
Director: Professor Christenson
Copulatory Plugs in the Cobweb Spider Nesticodesrufipes

Rebecca Salvato
Director: Professor Newman
Anxious Expectations, Identity, and Rejection Sensitivity in American Indian Youth


Jonathan Becker
Director: Professor Cunningham
Understanding the Role of Future Expectations in Low-Resource, High-Achieving African American Students

Sophia Belay
Director: Professor Cunningham
The Function of Protective Factors in Urban African American Adolescent Females

Samantha Morrison
Director: Professor Overstreet
Exploring the Relation Between Exposure to Community Violence and Peer Rejection: The Role of Gender Specific Mechanisms

Samantha B. Siegel
Director: Professor Lockman
Topological Landmark Use in Children

Christopher R. Warren
Director: Professor Thoresen
Ego Depletion and Disinhibition: Situational and Individual Difference Effects on Self-Regulation

Cristina M. Weeks
Director: Professor Overstreet
The Effects of the School Domain on the Expression of Posttraumatic Stress Symptomatology in Children Exposed to Community Violence


Jill C. Bradley
Director: Professor Landis
Homogeneity of Personality Types Within Occupations and Organizations: Another Look at Schneider's Attrition-Selection-Attrition Model

Michael Franklin
Director: Professor Dien
An Event-Related Potential Study of Automatic, Expectancy-Based, and Post-Lexical Processes in Semantic Priming

Seth Kaplan
Director: Professor Thoresen
Self-Concordance as a Mediator Between Goal Orientation and Worker Well-Being: Testing a Theoretical Model

Megan McFarland
Director: Professor Cunningham
Determinants of Future Expectations and Learning Responsibility in African American Adolescents

Devi Miron
Director: Professor Moely
The Impact of Service Learning on Community Agencies

Issac Perkins
Director: Professor Cunningham
The Relation of Negative Events and Depressive Symptoms as a Function of Protective Factor

Eden-ReneƩ Pruitt
Director: Professor Ruscher
Manifestation of the Linguistic Intergroup Bias Under the Motivation to Control Prejudice

Alexa Walthall
Director: Professor Lockman
Topological Landmark Use by Children

Mike J. Zyphur
Director: Professor Landis
The Effects of Prior Self-Regulation on Ability to Respond To Feedback: An Empirical Investigation


Lisle Hites
Director: Professor Landis
Training Non-Traditional Rating Sources for Improved Interrater Agreement And Accuracy

Deborah L. Kruglak
Director: Professor McGrath
Stress, Coping, Depression and Smoking During the Transition to College

Christy L. McLendon
Director: Professor Ruscher
The Effects of Stereotype Threat and Evaluator Sexism on Women's Performance in Male-type Work Domains

Brian Mackey
Director: Professor Wilson
The Effects of Simultaneous Presentation of Audio-Recorded and Written Examinations on the Test Performance of Students with Learning Disabilities


Katherine Bevans
Director: Professor Overstreet
The Family Environment as a Moderator of the Effects of Exposure to Community Violence on Child Symptomatology

Arleen Cerbone
Director: Professor Dien
Effects of Personality Differences on Attentional Tasks

Yael Efreom
Director: Professor Overstreet
Aggressive Behavior and Exposure to Community Violence: Exploring the Roles of Emotional Numbing and Gender

Dana Foney
Director: Professor Cunningham
Characteristics and Predictors of Antisocial Fighting Behavior in African American Youth

DeMarquis Hayes
Director: Professor Cunningham
Family and School Microsystems: Influences on Academic Achievement in African American Adolescents

Christopher Linn
Director: Professor Christenson
The Ability of Male Spiders to Travel to Female Webs: Implications for Sexual Size Dimorphism

Sterett Mercer
Director: Professor Cunningham
Racial Identity in White American College Students: Issues of Conceptualization and Measurement

Amy Rozelle
Director: Professor Landis
Relationships Between Recruitment Sources and Student Attitudes: The Impact of Using the Internet as a Recruitment Source

Alecia M. Santuzzi
Director: Professor Ruscher
Stigma Salience and Paranoid Social Cognition: The Role of Stigma Disclosure and Self-Consciousness in the Inferences and Task Performance of the Stigmatized Target

Kristin Smith-Crowe
Director: Professor Burke
Organizational Climate as a Moderator of the Relationships Between Proceduralization of Knowledge and Safety Performance

Leslie K. Sutro
Director: Professor Lockman


Germaine Allison
Director: Professor McGrath
Parent And Friend Influences On College Student Alcohol Use

Adam Barsky
Director: Professor Landis
Toward an Understanding of the Feedback-Performance Relationship: A Theoretical Extension and Empirical Test of The Feedback Intervention Theory

Elizabeth A. Deitch
Directors: Professors Arthur P. Brief and Janet B. Ruscher
Dressing For Successful Fit: Selection Decisions As A Function Of Job Type, Applicant Clothing, And Evaluator Prejudice.

Chanda Domingue
Director: Professor Cunningham
The Process of Academic Achievement Among African American Second Graders: Testing a Mediational Model

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