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2018-2011 Masters Thesis Titles


Nicholas Kerry
Director: Damian Murray
Does formidability influence moral and political attitudes?

Megan Saybe
Director: Courtney Baker
Examining the effects of classroom climate on aggression and victimization in low income, ethnically diverse preschoolers

Laura Perry
Director: Michael Hoerger
Development and validation of the palliative care preferences scale (PCPS)

Lea Petrovic
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Examining STS, burnout, and self-efficacy among teachers

Leah Walsh
Director: Michael Hoerger
End-of-life cancer care in the deep south: The role of race

Sydney Wing
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Cross-cultural analysis of elementary school children's values and perceptions of support systems: A secondary analysis of the promoting psychological well-being globally project

Ashlee Yates
Director: Mike Cunningham
Social networking site use, racial identity, racial socialization and the African American iGeneration: A glimpse into the future

Blair Youmans
Director: Jeff Lockman
Shapes within shapes: Relating negative space to positive space in object perception and fitting tasks


Justin Carreras
Director: Sarah Gray
Parental emotion regulation: Relations with sensitive and engaged parenting and psychological distress

Laura Cornell
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Administrative support of SEL: School staff perspectives on what is necessary for successful implementation

Chinwendu Duru
Director: Courtney Baker
Drinking to cope in college aged students: The relationship between negative affect, stress, avoidant coping, and alcohol and drug use

Emily Lewis
Director: Jeffrey Lockman
Dynamics of cup-to-mouth transport: Spatial planning in infants

Emma Lewis
Frequent family meals: Implications for the comorbidity of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and overweight/obesity in United States youth

Meagan Magaldi
Director: Laurie O'Brien
Pregnant on campus: The stigma of undergraduate pregnancy

Elizabeth McIntyre
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Teacher acceptability of trauma-informed approaches following professional development training

Lauren Ruelens
Director: Lisa Molix
Is African American the New Black? The Effects of Racial Ideology on Whites’ Differential Perceptions of Race Labels

Amanda Van Camp
Director: Laurie O'Brien
Understanding the consequences of incompetence on the visibility of ethnic minorities in STEM

Juliana Vanderburg
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Creating positive attitudes about trauma-Informed Schools: Examining the influence of a professional development training on teacher attitudes


Lisa Chinn
Director: Ed Golob
Dynamics of Cognitive Control and Midline Theta Activity Across Multiple Timescales

Nick Fears
Director: Jeff Lockman
The Development of Vision and Basic Reading Skills in Handwriting

Jessie Gomez
Director: Sarah Gray
Parental Insightfulness and Parenting Behavior: A Two-Dimensional Analysis of Parent Contributions to Child Outcomes

Leah Herrick
Director: Courtney Baker
The Effect of Maternal Depression and Maternal Parenting after Divorce on Low-Income Preschool Children’s Internalizing and Externalizing Problems

Kathryn Simon
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Is knowledge enough? The relationship between student social emotional learning and behavioral and mental health outcomes


Emiliya Adelson
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Sexual Health and Psychological Well-Being of Unmarried Adolescent Females Living in an Urban Slum in India

Corey Black
Director: Courtney Baker
The Role of the Teacher-Child Relationship in the Socioemotional Outcomes of Ethnically Diverse and Low Income Children in Daycare Settings

Veronica Coriano
Director: Courtney Baker
Cultural Adaptation in Mental Health Programming: Are We Doing Enough to Promote Change

Brittney Jurgen
Co-director: Stacy Overstreet and Courtney Baker
Predictors of metabolic control in youth with type 1 diabetes: examining racial disparities in the relationship between depressive symptoms and adherence

Samia Lalani
Director: Joseph Constans
Sex differences in the role of criminal behaviour in predicting violent injury

Xzania (White) Lee
Director: Michael Cunningham
Academic achievement, substance use, and the importance of valuing school in African American adolescents

Aaron Moss
Director: Laurie O'Brien
Does motivated reasoning help people maintain an unprejudiced self-image?

Jennifer Rious
Director: Michael Cunningham
Altruistic prosocial behavior as a protective factor for African American adolescents exposed to community violence

Catherine Rochefort
Director: Michael Hoerger
Personality, health behaviors, and physical health in non-clinical and oncology samples


Michael Brachfeld
Director: Oscar Barbarin
The relationship between parents' personal mastery, depressive symptoms and children's behavior

Heather Henderson
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Using mental health self reports to identify African American students at risk for school dropout

Idan Mark
Director: Oscar Barbarin
Early vs late entry into school: The effect of maturation versus early exposure on mathematic skills and executive function in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten

Zainab Siddiqui
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
A qualitative study of stress perception and reactions to stress in urban African American children and adolescents

Meredith Summerville
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
The ecomap as a measure of psychological well-being: Results from primary school children identified as at-risk for psychological distress

Melza van Roijen
Director: Jill Daniel
Influence of estradiol on the ability of IGF-I to impact hippocampal-dependent memory and hippocampal synaptic proteins

Jorge Verlenden
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Using ecomaps to assess social emotional functioning in school-based universal screening


Michael Girgis
Director: Ed Golob
Motion perception: A closer examination of velocity's effect on representational momentum

Trenesha Hill
Director: Enrique Varela
Weak central coherence and social skills in children with autism spectrum disorders: The role of anxiety and cognitive functioning

Kathryn Jones
Director: Enrique Varela
The role of negative emotions and cultural acceptability in explaining somatic symptoms in Latino and White non-Latino children

Brooke Rappaport
Director: Lisa Molix
Ambivalent sexism and psychological well-being: Examining the role of stigma consciousness

Lily Rabinow
Director: Jeff Lockman
Infants' use of spoons with floppy and rigid handles

Alexandra Roselli
Director: Laurie O'Brien
Predictors of long-term mental health outcomes among Hurricane Katrina survivors

Caroline Tipler
Director: Janet Ruscher
Kittens and cougars: The effect of distinct dehumanizing metaphors for women on perception and behavior


Kevin Barry
Director: Mike Cunningham
Antisocial behavior in the urban context: The effects of family, peers, and hypermasculine attitudes on high achieving Black male adolescents

Daniel Bayless
Director: Jill Daniel
Sex differences in impulsive choice in prepubescent and adult rats: Role of neonatal testosterone exposure

Patrick Bell
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
A qualitative approach to emic-etic modeling of psychological well-being for use in designing school programs

Amanda Borja
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Phenomenology of education stakeholders about teacher competencies in New Orleans and Sri Lanka: Implications for teacher well-being

Jeff Brown
Director: Oscar Barbarin
Explaining trajectories of emotional functioning in Black boys from kindergarten through the 5th grade

Christopher Burchett
Director: Laurie O'Brien
Attributions to Discrimination at the Intersection of Race and Gender

Meaghan Crawley
Director: Paul Colombo
Response learning increases histone acetylation and is enhanced by histone deacetylase inhibition

Jennifer Maldarelli
Director: Jeff Lockman
The development of early handwriting: An eye movement analysis

Laura Marques
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Exploring the relationship between hurricane exposure and child emotional and behavioral functioning two years post-Katrina

Dustin Mars
Director: Laurie O'Brien
Consequences for learning about American history: How learning about historical trauma might not be equal for everyone

Shereen Naser
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Evaluating the effects of substance use on posttraumatic stress symptoms in a community sample of female adolescents following Hurricane Katrina

Lauren Peterson
Director: Enrique Varela
Childhood anxiety and the effects of children's appraisals of parental control in Latin American and European American cultures

Kristin Scott
Director: Oscar Barbarin
From higher-order thinking to higher-order behavior:  Exploring the relationship between early cognitive skills & social competence in Black boys

Stefanie Simon
Director: Laurie O'Brien
Confronting sexism: Exploring the effect of nonsexist credentials on responses to confrontations

Allysin Swift
Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Parental stress and socialization practices of black parents: Qualitative research and analyses to inform interventions

Tara Van Bommel
Director: Janet Ruscher
Looking up and thinking positive: The effect of embodied metaphors on ageist attitudes


Berre Burch
Director: Stacy Overstreet
The Synergistic Effects of Violence in Multiple Contexts in Predicting Mental Health Outcomes

Max Daigh
Director: Lisa Molix
Parental Reactions to Sexual Minority Disclosure: Examining the role of social dominance orientation

Gordon Franke
Director: Dave Corey
Delayed Auditory Feedback Impacts on Speech: Evidence for Sensory Feedback Control of Movement

Wendy Jung
Director: Jeff Lockman
Development of Motor Planning in a Fitting Task in Toddlers

Jackleen Leed
Director: Jeff Lockman
Perception-Action Foundations of Early Graphic Instrument Exploration

Laura Niditch
Director: Enrique Varela
The Relation between Perceived Controlling Parenting and Anxiety in Youth: Effects of Self-Efficacy and Metacognition

Alexandra Sims
Director: Stacy Overstreet
Posttraumatic Stress and Posttraumatic Growth in Adolescents following Hurricane Katrina

Claire Yanta
Director: Jeff Lockman
Planning and Orienting Handled Objects During Tool Use

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