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Postdoctoral Fellows & Research Faculty

Samson Abramsky | Visiting Research Professor
Christopher Strachey Professor of Computing, University of Oxford, UK

PhD, 1988, Computer Science, University of London
Research Interests: Semantics and logic of computation, high-level methods for quantum computation and information

Benyamin Ahmadnia | Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., 2017, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Information Extraction.

Xiaodong Jia | Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., 2018, University of Birminghham, United Kingdom
Research Interests: Domain Theory, Non-Hausdorff Topology, Denotational Semantics

Bert Lindenhovius | Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., 2016, Radboud University Nijmegen
Research Interests: Operator algebras (in particular C*-algebras, von Neumann algebras, and AW*-algebras), order theory (in particular domain theory), and their applications to quantum physics.

Wen Shen | Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., 2019, University of California, Irvine
Research Interests: Mechanism Design, Multi-Agent Systems, Human-Machine Interaction, Machine Learning, Network Analysis

Sander Uijlen | Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., 2019, Radboud University Nijmegen, 2019
Research Interests: Quantum Programming Languages, Quantum Computation, Causal Structures, Categorical Quantum Mechanics, Contextuality and Non-locality


Former Members

Quan Guo | Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., 2017, Sichuan University
Research Interests: Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.

Umar Manzoor | Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., 2011, University of Salford
Research Interests: Multi-Agent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, Multi-Agent Modeling, Data/Agent Mining, Adaptive Systems, Autonomous Systems, Robotic Applications, Text Analysis

Noura Faraj | Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., 2013, Télécom ParisTech
Research Interests: Computer Graphics, Modeling, Visualization and Interaction with 3D Volumes using Meshes.

Vladimir Zamdzhiev | Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., 2016, University of Oxford
Research Interests: Categorical quantum mechanics, (quantum) domain theory, quantum programming languages, automated reasoning, diagrammatic calculi.