Undergraduate Studies in Computer Science

Our students learn to be leaders in research and applications of computer science who solve interdisciplinary problems arising in their primary major field using the tools of computer science and computer technology.

Coordinate Major in Computer Science

Coordinate Major Program Information

Undergraduate Class Advisors

Every class is assigned two Computer Science faculty major advisors, who can answer questions about the program that are not addressed in the catalog.

Undergraduate Coordinator:
Dr. Aaron Maus

Class of 2023:
Dr. Hamm (A-K),
Dr. Maus (L-Z)

Class of 2024:
Dr. Summa (A-K),
Dr. Mattei (L-Z)

Class of 2025:
Dr. Culotta (A-K),
Dr. Ding (L-Z)

Class of 2026:
Dr. Shirvani (A-K),
Dr. Peng (L-Z)

Class of 2027:
M. Toups (A-K),
Dr. Zheng (L-Z)

Class of 2028:
Dr. Ming (A-K),
Dr. Hassan (L-Z)

Recommendation requests for study abroad should be directed to the major advisors.

Additional student resources

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

REUs are summer research programs for undergraduate students under supervision of a faculty mentor. Having REU experience is helpful both in graduate school and in internship/industry job applications.

Most projects last 8-12 weeks. Participants are usually offered travel reimbursement, housing or a housing stipend (some also offer a food stipend), and a salary. Many REU’s are posted on NSF website and we’re also sending announcements to cs students mailing list.

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