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Current Graduate Students

Samuel Anderson
BS, Earth Science - University of California Santa Cruz
Faculty Advisor:Nicole Gasparini
Email: sanderson@tulane.edu

Eduardo Arzabala
BS, Mathematics, University of Colorado Boulder
Faculty Advisor: Cynthia Ebinger
Email: earzabala@tulane.edu

Alan Braeley
BS, Astronomy – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Whitten
Email: abraeley@tulane.edu

Wallace Darling
BS, Geology – University of South Florida
Faculty Advisor: Nicole Gasparini
Email: wdarling@tulane.edu

Rory Escobedo
BS, Geology, Louisiana State University
Faculty Advisor: Mead Allison

Jaimiely Cajiao Garcia
Email: jgarcia15@tulane.edu

Emily Haas
Email: ehaas3@tulane.edu

William Heck
MS Research Focus: Volatility trends of moderately volatile elements in various atmospheric conditions
BS, Geology – University of Pittsburgh
Faculty Advisor: Colin Jackson
Email: wheck@tulane.edu

Diana Carolina Hurtado Pulido
Ph.D. Dissertation Focus: Geophysics, GIS and Radar
BS, Cadastral engineering and Geodesy - Francisco Jose de Caldas Distrital University – Bogotá, Colombia
Faculty advisor: Cynthia Ebinger and Reda Amer
Email: dhurtadopulido@tulane.edu

Cirus Kalugana
Email: ckalugana@tulane.edu

Kristina Leggas
Email: kleggas@tulane.edu

Guandong Li
Ph.D. Dissertation Focus: Quaternary geology, coastal science
MS, Oceanography - Louisiana State University A&M College
BS, Marine surveying and mapping - Shandong University of Science and Technology, China
Faculty Advisor: Torbjorn Tornqvist
Email: gli4@tulane.edu

James Lopez
Email: jlopez15@tulane.edu

Ekanshu Mallick
Ph.D Dissertation Focus: Constraining deep volatile cycle in subduction related processes, experimental petrology
MSc, Applied Geology - Indian Institute of Tecnology, Bombay
BSc, Geology - Ravenshaw University, Odisha
Faculty Advisor: Colin Jackson
Email: emallick@tulane.edu

Martin Musila
Ph.D Dissertation Focus: Seismology, Geophysics, East African Rift System, Geothermal Energy
MSc, Geothermal Energy Technology - Dedan Kemathi University, Kenya
BSc, Physics - Mesande Muliro University, Kenya
Faculty Advisor: Cynthia Ebinger

Marvin Osorio
Email: mosorio@tulane.edu

Melinda Quock
Email: mquock@tulane.edu

Kevin Reece
Ph.D. Dissertation Focus: Stratigraphic Statistics for Deep-Water Characterization and Numerical Model Validation
MS, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
BS, University of South Carolina
Faculty Advisor: Kyle Straub
Email: jreece@tulane.edu

Laurent Roberge
PhD Dissertation Focus: Source-to-Sink Landscape Evolution
BSc, Geographical Biogeosciences, University of British Columbia
Faculty Advisor: Nicole Gasparini
Email: lroberge@tulane.edu

Jose Silvestre
PhD Dissertation Focus: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
BS, Geology, University of Texas at San Antonio
Faculty Advisor: Kyle Straub
Email: jsilvestre@tulane.edu

Maddy Sita
Email: msita@tulane.edu

Garrett Sullivan
Master of Science Thesis Focus: Surface Structures in Rift Systems
BS,  Geosciences - University of Texas at Dallas
Faculty advisor: Cynthia Ebinger
Email: gsullivan@tulane.edu

Abdul Wahab
Ph.D. Dissertation Focus: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
MS, Geology - University of Kansas
BS, Geology - University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Faculty Advisor: Kyle Straub
Email: awahab@tulane.edu