Udita Mukherjee, Ph.D. Graduate Student

My Research

Udita Mukherjee

Continental shelf edge systems are among the first responders to sediment delivery during sea-level cycles. As shorelines recede during falling sea level, sediment delivery systems react to the change in base level, generally making it easier for sediments to travel to the deeper parts of the ocean. However, a lot of other factors control sediment transport systems and I am particularly interested in understanding the roles that the shelf morphology and the sediment load play in this. Working with Dr. Torbjörn Törnqvist in the Quaternary Research Group (QRG), I am using datasets from glacial isostatic adjustment modeling of the African margin from ~21,000 years ago, during the most recent sea-level lowstand, to conduct my research. I also work with Dr. Kyle Straub to study related problems using seismic datasets from Gulf of Mexico.

My Life at Tulane

Having grown up in Kolkata, India, beside the Ganga, New Orleans and the Mississippi feel like home to me, but with a nice quirky twist. From festivals all around the year to amazing food, this city has something to offer everyone. I feel extremely lucky that I get to spend my time as an international graduate student in such a beautiful and cool campus. A walk in Audubon Park or getting some beignets by the river can definitely come in handy when one’s trying to deal with grad school!