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McWilliams Seminar Series

*Spring 2021 seminar series will be virtual*

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Spring 2021

January 22

Hot rocks beneath our feet; 3D seismic reflection imaging of the processes and products of crustal magmatism
Chris Jackson | Imperial College, London

January 29

It's getting hot in here: Thermal metamorphism of the least equilibrated CK chondrite
Tasha Dunn | Colby College

February 5

Hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics in Barataria Bay, LA
Guandong Li | Tulane University

Using paired cosmogenic radionuclides to constrain the timing of erosion
Cari Rand | Tulane University

February 12

The role of dust on Earth’s climate: insights from the paleoclimate record & modern ecosystems
Sarah Aarons | Scripps Institution of Oceanography/ UC San Diego

February 19

Anthropogenic Impact: perturbations of dissolved inorganic carbon, and pollution in a tropical estuary
Hendratta Ali | Fort Hays State University

February 26

Leaky salt: pipe trails record the history of cross‐evaporite fluid escape in the northern Levant Basin, Eastern Mediterranean
David Oppo | University of Louisiana Lafayette

March 12

Geophysical Investigation of the Puzzle in Cratonic Lithosphere: A stochastic approach to passive seismic imaging of the African Lithosphere
Tolulope Olugboji | University of Rochester

March 19

The feedback between clay minerals and microbes: implications for the degradation of organic matter in soils
Karin Block | City University of New York (CUNY)

March 26

From source to sink: Fluvial terraces as sedimentary archives
Steffi Tofelde | University of Potsdam

April 2

Sharpening our view of active faulting processes with high-resolution topography
Ramon Arrowsmith | Arizona State University

April 9

The Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover from the Perspective of a Science Systems Engineer
Vivian Sun | Jet Propulsion Laboratory

April 16

How trees grow their own pot - Quantifying the role of trees as wind-wiggling, tap-dancing, and crowbar-wielding Critical Zone architects
Jill Marshall | University of Arkansas

April 23

Hidden hydrology: Geophysical imaging of a deep and dynamic subglacial groundwater system in West Antarctica
Chloe Gustafson | Swansea

April 30

Bedrock Properties Control Landscape Morphology in Last Chance Canyon, NM
Sam Anderson | Tulane University