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McWilliams Seminar Series

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Fall 2021

September 10 (virtual)

Delayed sedimentary response to abrupt climate change at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary, northern Spain
Rob Duller | University of Liverpool

September 17 (virtual)

Salty water everywhere, nor any drop to drink
Ed Rivera-Valentin | Lunar and Planetary Institute

September 24

The Return of Eruptive Activity to the Reykjanes Peninsula, SW Iceland: A Saga of Tectonic-Magmatic Interaction at an Oblique Spreading Center
Simon Kattenhorn | University of Alaska-Anchorage

October 1 (virtual)

Linking morphodynamics of deltaic distributary networks to stratigraphic connectivity of channel bodies
Elisabeth Steel | Queen's University

October 15

Tracing sediment signatures of methanogenesis in hydrologically altered coastal marsh systems
Shannon Valley | WHOI/USGS

October 22

Title TBA

November 5

The morphology of alluvial sand dunes
Julia Cisneros | Texas A&M University

November 12

Evolution of continents from bottom up
Rajdeep Dasgupta | Rice University

November 19

When Continents Stretch, Their Cracks Grow: Insights from Active Rifting in East Africa
Folarin Kolawole | Columbia University

December 3

Radio Wave Attenuation in the Martian South Polar Layered Deposits
Graduate Students | Tulane University