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McWilliams Seminar Series

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Spring 2022

January 28 

US Army Corps of Engineers Policies, Guidance, and Tools for Climate Preparedness and Resilience
Will Veatch | NO District Army Corps

February 4 

Sustainability and Environmental Strategy
Rick Johnson | Entergy

February 25

Revisiting Cancer Alley: Toxic Air Pollution as a Contributing Factor to Louisiana’s Cancer Burden
Kimberly Terrell & Gianna St. Julien | Tulane University Environmental Law Clinic

March 4

Supervolcanoes: hyperbole or bona fide volcanic phenomenon?
Shan da Silva | Oregon State

March 11

Diversity in the field of water resources sciences
Mousa Diabet | NV5 Geospatial

March 18

Applications of Atom Probe Tomography to Meteoritics
Julia Cartwright | University of Alabama

March 25

An enthalpy model for fluvio-deltaic evolution: Insights and implications for sea-level reconstruction
Jorge Lorenzo Trueba | Montclair University

April 8

Exploring a serendipitous Mars analog serpentine zone in Sri Lanka
Suniti Karunatillake | LSU

April 15

Mapping for Sustainable Cities: Work at the U.S. Department of State's Office of The Geographer and Humanitarian Information Unit
Laura Cline | State Department

April 29

Linking autogenic scales to subsurface organic carbon reservoirs in deltas & Variations in subsidence along the Gulf of Mexico passive margin from Airborne-LiDAR data and Time Series InSAR in Louisiana​
Jose Silvestre & Carolina Hurtado Quals Presentations| Tulane University