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FALL 2019

August 30

The Predictability of Tidal Gravity Waves in a Global Ocean Model
Maarten Buijsman | University of Southern Mississippi

September 6

Salt Tectonics and the Evolution of Minibasins in the Gulf of Mexico
Oliver Duffy | University of Texas at Austin

September 13

Evolution of the South Fork Eel River Watershed: The Known Unknowns
Nicole Gasparini | Tulane

September 20

A World in a Grain of Sand: Detrital Geochronology From the Largest Sediment Routing Systems of the Americas
Cody Mason | University of West Georgia

September 27

Differentiation of continental crust during extension
Andy Smye | Penn State

October 4

How shallow mantle temperature changes may affect subduction zone earthquakes and mountain building
Roger Buck | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

October 11

No Seminar - Fall  Break

October 18

The ‘Passive" Margin of Eastern North America : Influence of Pre-rift Orogenic Activity on Syn-rift and Post-rift Development
Martha O. Withjack | Rutgers University

October 25

Post-quals Presentations
Graduate Students | Tulane EENS

November 1

Mark Salvatore | Northern Arizona University

November 8

Back-arc rifting in New Zealand
Jennifer Eccles | University of Auckland

November 15

Landslide warning systems for remote communities
Josh Roering | University of Oregon

November 22

Post-quals Presentations
Graduate students | Tulane EENS

November 29

No seminar - Thanksgiving break

December 6

Hello World: High Temporarl Cadence Global Earth Observation at Planet
Sara Safavi | Planet Labs