McWilliams Seminar Series

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Fall 2023

August 25th

Putting the Public back into Infrastructure Design, Monitoring & Maintenance
Julia Kumari Drapkin| ISee Change

September 8th  

Gulf -COAWST A Regional Earth System Modeling Platform for the Gulf of Mexico
George Xue| LSU Dept. of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences

October 20th  

The Origin, Deformation, and Lithospheric Structure of the North-American Mid-continent Rift
Suzan van der Lee | Northwestern

October 27th 

Unveiling the Secrets of Atolls through Motu Morphometrics: A Satellite-Powered Journey with Python Automation
Aleja Geiger-Ortiz | Colby College

November 3rd

Origin of Moons in the Solar System and Beyond
Miki Nakajima | University of Rochester

November 17th

Alluvial response to orbital forcing and extreme climate change
Youwei Wang | University of Virginia

December 1st

A tale of two rivers: Anthropogenic stratigraphy of linked fluvial-deltaic-lacustrine systems as revealed by the Glen Canyon Dam 'experiment'
Cari Johnson | University of Utah

December 8th 

Jumping Reflectors in the North Polar Layered Deposits of Mars and Unraveling Induced Seismicity in the lower crust and upper mantle
Alan Braeley & Eddie Arzabala | Tulane University - Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences