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Akinbobola Akintomide

My Research

I am interested in salt tectonics and fault architecture in salt withdrawal basins in the Gulf of Mexico. I want to understand how salt evacuation controls fault activity, sediment depocenter, influence coastal wetland loss and subsidence hot-spots. I use 3D seismic data and well logs from the Lapeyrouse field located within the Terrebonne Salt Withdrawal Basin in SE Louisiana to study salt-fault interaction. I employ fault kinematics techniques such as throw-distance plot (T-x), throw-depth plot (T-z), expansion index and throw maps to understand fault-salt interaction. My preliminary results show that the fault architecture is more complex than previously thought and salt still play a role in fault activity within southeastern Louisiana. The Quaternary throw rate of fault in southeastern Louisiana are higher than those of central Louisiana. In addition, I found that subsurface geology control coastal wetland loss and subsidence in southeastern Louisiana.

My Life at Tulane

I enjoy the festivals and events that New Orleans have to offer. I love watching the parade during Mardi Gras, and eating beignets at Café du monde. I regularly visit Audubon park, and once in a while I relax by the Mississippi river at the Fly.