Information for Prospective Students

This section provides information on the programs of study offered by the Tulane University Department of Physics and Engineering Physics on both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Course Offerings and Programs of Study

The Department of Physics and Engineering Physics is able to offer a wide variety of courses covering both general and specific topics of study for science majors, as well as survey courses for non-science majors of all background levels who may be interested in taking a physics course.

On the undergraduate level, we offer two different major programs: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physics, and Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.) in Engineering Physics. Those completing the Physics major also have the opportunity to continue their education through the "4+1 Masters Program."

Undergraduate students also have the option to minor in Physics or Engineering Science as they pursue other majors. The Physics major may be combined with an Engineering Science minor.

For graduate students, the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics offers rigorous lecture courses along with individualized research courses for students working towards earning their PhD. We now offer two Ph.D. programs: 1) The Physics program, which includes theoretical and experimental physics; and 2) the Materials Physics and Engineering program, which emphasizes novel materials and applications.

Undergraduate courses may be listed as Physics (PHYS), Engineering Physics (ENGP), or Astronomy (ASTR).

Current course listings and schedules can be found at the Office of the University Registrar website.

What We Offer

Select your field of interest from the programs listed in the links below. Contact the Department of Physics & Engineering Physics with any further inquiries you may have.