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Tulane holds fifth annual Three Minute Thesis Competition

3 Minute Thesis Winners

Tulane’s ... more

Tulane researcher honored for work on AI ethics May 07, 2019 Barri Bronston

As the role of artificial intelligence (AI) expands in daily life, so too does the need to engage in research into how to most effectively build AI technologies that align with positive values and ethics. That is one of the areas that Tulane University researcher Nicholas Mattei specializes in and... more

Engineering Expo showcases student inventions Apr 19, 2018 Barri Bronston

They called their project TU Wheelies, and Tulane University biomedical engineering seniors beamed when they were invited to explain their invention. “The idea is to reduce the constraints that motorized wheelchair users face when traveling over uneven surfaces,” said Dana Kaplan, who teamed up on... more

Girl code: Tulane women share love for tech careers Mar 14, 2018 Mary Cross

A flyer advertising a Python coding workshop on the uptown campus changed the career trajectory for one first-year student at Tulane University. “I had never coded in my life, but I thought that it sounded interesting so I took a chance and went,” said Tatiana Derouen, who is now a Tulane senior.... more

Tulane University presents panel discussion on artificial intelligence Jan 26, 2018 Barri Bronston

The advent and consequences of superhuman intelligence will be the subject of a panel discussion Feb. 1 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Freeman Auditorium, located in the Woldenberg Art Center on the uptown campus of Tulane University. The discussion is the opening program of the Conference on Artificial... more

Tulane awarded $3.67 million grant for quantum computing Jan 02, 2018 Barri Bronston

Tulane University professor Michael Mislove has received a $3.67 million grant from the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research to help develop cutting-edge technology related to quantum computing. The goal of the project is to develop tools and related methodologies for designing and... more

Global tech company sparks interest in artificial intelligence jobs Nov 09, 2017 Mary Cross

Expert engineers from one of the world’s most influential technology companies encouraged Tulane students to pursue careers in data science and artificial intelligence Wednesday during the Intel Artificial Intelligence (AI) Workshop held on the uptown campus of Tulane University. The event was... more

Amped up for artificial intelligence Mar 29, 2017 Leslie Cardé

Does the notion of artificial intelligence have you conjuring up Hollywood’s images of cyborgs, posing as humans, coming back from the future to change the fate of the world? Or is the mere concept of AI (as scientists refer to it) emblematic of a world in which sentient computers like HAL, from... more

Tulane to offer PhD in computer science Mar 23, 2017 Barri Bronston

Computer science at Tulane University, eliminated after Hurricane Katrina but brought back in 2012, has taken another leap forward with the creation of a doctoral program that aims to produce leading researchers and further prepare computer scientists for the job market. “From the outset, our... more

Rules of the road for self-driving cars are more than staying in lanes Jan 19, 2017 Mary Ann Travis

, It’s the stuff of science fiction and futuristic film: Self-driving vehicles are taking to the roadways in droves. With the proliferation of vehicular automation, the role of computer scientists like Brent Venable, associate professor of computer science at Tulane University, is expanding.... more

Tulane women in tech May 25, 2016 Mary Ann Travis

It’s an industrywide problem: Fewer women than men practice computer science. Fast Company reported in March 2016 on a new study by the financial software and data firm Smart Asset that U.S. women make up only 26.5 percent of the tech workforce. And women earn, on average, just 85 percent of what... more