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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Minor

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Minor is available starting Fall 2023

The EBIO minor provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in ecological and evolutionary sciences and organismal biology. Our objective is to prepare Tulane graduates to be environmentally aware citizens with knowledge of global environmental challenges and their connections to cultural, social, and economic factors.  
Please note this minor cannot be combined with the EEBI or ENVB major
I. Foundation Course: EBIO1010/1015 Diversity of Life with Laboratory
II. Electives. Three courses from the following list:
EBIO2030 History of Life             
EBIO2020 Theory and Methods in EBIO    
EBIO2040 Conservation Biology         
EBIO2050 Global Change Biology         
EBIO2070/2071 Genetics with recitation     
EBIO2110 Tropical Biology             
EBIO2130 Intro to Animal Behavior
EBIO2210 Insects and Human Interactions
EBIO2250 Vertebrate Biology
EBIO2360 Wetlands Ecology
EBIO2580 Urban Ecology
EBIO2600 Natural Resource Conservation
EBIO2660 Disease Ecology
Other 2000-level or Special Topics courses as approved by the instructor
III. Upper-Level Electives and Lab Courses. Any two EBIO courses at or above the 3000 level; at least one lab course is recommended. Student must meet the required prerequisites to enroll or have instructor approval. One study abroad course in the major may be counted, if approved by the department.
EBIO3040 General Ecology (lecture only)            
EBIO3180 Plants and Human Interactions         
EBIO3290 Behavioral Ecology            
EBIO3500 Sharks and their Relatives   
EBIO3350 Shark Paleobiology
EBIO3070 Evolution
EBIO3780 Tropical Field Biology
EBIO4080 Biostatistics and Experimental Design
EBIO4110 Tropical Ecology and Agriculture
EBIO4270 Population Ecology
EBIO4370 Aquatic Autotrophs
EBIO4460 Biodiversity and Environmental Informatics
EBIO2330/2335 Natural History of Louisiana w/lab
EBIO3040/3045 General Ecology w/lab
EBIO3150/3151 Intro to GIS w/lab
EBIO3180/3185 Plants and Human Interactions w/lab
EBIO3320/3325 Microbial Ecology and Diversity w/lab
EBIO3350/3351 Shark Paleobiology w/lab
EBIO3590/ 3591 Plant Biology and Adaptation w/lab
EBIO3690/3691 Experimental Animal Behavior w/lab
EBIO4030/4031 Field Botany w/lab
EBIO4060/4061 Stream Ecology w/lab
EBIO4090/4091 Invertebrate Paleontology w/lab
EBIO4210/4211 Vertebrate Morphology w/lab
EBIO4230/4231 Molecular Evolution and Ecology w/lab
EBIO4250/4251 Biology of Marine Invertebrates w/lab
EBIO4280/4281 Ichthyology w/lab
EBIO4310/4311 Plant Systematics w/lab
EBIO4430/4431 Entomology w/lab
COLQ 4120 Grand Canyon Colloquium
Other upper-level elective courses as approved