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Graduate Course Offerings

PSYC 7000: Social Psychology

PSYC 7010: Personality

PSYC 7020: Developmental Psychology

PSYC 7030: Cognitive Neuroscience

PSYC 7040: Evolutionary Model in Psychology

PSYC 7070: Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 7090: Physiological Psychology

PSYC 7100: Psychopharmacology

PSYC 7150: Advanced Adolescent Psychology

PSYC 7160: Children of Color

PSYC 7180: Social Identity

PSYC 7230: Professional Issues in Psychology

PSYC 7370: Cognitive Development

PSYC 7380: Social Development

PSYC 7390: Infancy

PSYC 7400: Developmental Psychopathology

PSYC 7410: Advanced Seminar I

PSYC 7420: Advanced Seminar II

PSYC 7430: Advanced Seminar III

PSYC 7440: Advanced Seminar IV

PSYC 7450: Linear Structural Equation Modeling

PSYC 7460: Advanced Seminar VI

PSYC 7470: Advanced Seminar VII

PSYC 7480: Advanced Seminar  VIII

PSYC 7490: Advanced Semimar IX

PSYC 7510: Advanced Research Projects

PSYC 7520: Advanced Research Projects

PSYC 7590: Neurobiology of Stress Disorders

PSYC 7610: Psychological Assessment I: Cognitive and Academic Assessment

PSYC 7620: Psychological Assessment II: Personality and Diagnosis

PSYC 7630: Behavioral Assessment and Intervention

PSYC 7640: Family Intervention

PSYC 7660: Cognitive Behavior Therapy

PSYC 7670: Infant Assessment

PSYC 7680: Seminar in Professional School Psychology

PSYC 7690: Theories of Clinical Intervention

PSYC 7810: School Consultation

PSYC 7820: Practicum in School Psychology

PSYC 7830: Pre-Doctoral Clinical Internship

PSYC 9980: Master's Thesis Research

PSYC 9990: Dissertation Research